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Random Pix!

So these are just a few photos I have taken and I actually meant to blog about each place but, well, I never managed to get it done. Anyhow, I blog for you all but I also blog for me. I have gone back and read my blog many times and I love seeing all the old photos. So here are some photos over the last couple months.

Cody and his favorite MOM, Nebraska
Hannah and her oldest friend Beth, Rendon, Texas
Sitting Bull Falls, NM
Josh and Hannah contemplating a swim, yes in their clothes!
Carlsbad, NM
The Family, Carlsbad, NM
My boy Josh - Carlsbad, NM
Somewhere in NM
Old Town, Albuquerque, NM
Trying to get a good photo in NM
Still trying in NM
Oh a door, lovely huh?
The truth
Hannah and the goat in KS


  1. Lovely pics Tori! Makes me all the more eager to get to America!

    How much long do you guys have there?

    You look just as beautiful as ever and almost glowing.....glad you're happy.

    Prayers from Portugal,

  2. Great pictures! Glad to see some of where yous been! I miss you!

  3. Draga Tori! Prekrasno vas je vidjeti! Jako sam poželjela da ste ovdje. (Dugo me nije bilo na tvom blogu - sramim se), zato sam sada jako uživala gledajući slike


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