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Wasting a little time in Iowa

We have been in Iowa at Grace Baptist Church's mission conference in Marion Iowa. It was great and now we're on the run again. We are in Burlington for the last two days and took some time today to go see the town. Burlington actually sits on the Mississippi River. 

Johnny and I tried to get a photo in front of the little Statue of Liberty but ran into some interference.  Check out all the distractions on the photos below. HA!

finally, success!!

We went down town to see Snake Alley. Snake Alley is the crookedest street in America. 

See it up there at the end of the street.
The homes in Burlington were beautiful. I love old homes. Here are a few that I really liked. 

I absolutely loved this house. Check out those brightly colored chairs in front of that monotone house. LOVE IT!
The ol' Mississippi. 
Yea I guess he snapped that photo a little late!
We're gonna be in Iowa for the next two weeks. It's been wicked cold here and today it got to 60, thank you Lord!



  1. Thanks for sharing your travels with us! And I've been wondering, do you forget how to speak Croatian after you've been away for a while, or do you guys practice when your away? I think it's so neat that you speak another language! :)

  2. That is really some beautiful architecture there!

    Looks like your having a blast. Enjoy your furlough. :)

  3. Hey Valerie,
    We do speak Croatia when we are here, at least to each other and when we don't want others to know what we're talking about.
    I'm sure if we stayed here too long we would forget it.
    I e-mail the national pastor's wife all the time in Croatian and that helps a lot.
    Hvala ti na pitanja.
    Thanks for asking.

  4. Lovely pics!@! Enjoy your time!

  5. Interesting road - glad I don't have to drive it! I like the houses too. Have safe travels and enjoy the scenery.

  6. Hope that you are doing better. Traci told me that you were having some dizziness and such like before. I hope that you are able to figure out what is going on.

  7. one of my favorite preachers is from Iowa...Brother Larry Brown. Could listen to him all the time. Except for when my own Pastor is preaching, of course! :D
    Loved the pictures. They were great. Very fun. And I loved the monotone house with the colored chairs too.


  8. That is SO cool! :) Thanks for sharing (have no idea how to say that in anything but English! lol!)

  9. I don't always leave comments and I don't get on the computer that much being that I am a mother of 7 children the last one being 3mths old keeps me busy. I looking at your pictures and thought that boy! Is that our little Statue of Liberty yes it is. This is where I live in Burlington,Ia and those of those houses I always adore I don't live to far from them 8 or 9 blocks I like walking up that to see them. But, anyway I really enjoy your blog when I get a chance to read it. I see truely that you have a burden for Croatia I will keep you in my prayers God Bless You.


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