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Am I for smoking? No, I'm for the freedom to smoke!

Hey I am not a smoker and hate the smell of cigarettes but I'm totally for freedom. It's amazing to me which freedoms we are losing here in America the home of the "free".

I found this sign at a rest stop in Iowa and was appalled. I hate the nasty habit as much as any good Christian should but I love the freedom we as Americans are suppose to own  in this good ol' land of ours.  

This was a huge open rest area and there was this sign. NO SMOKING on the rest area grounds. I mean come on, is there not enough air? I mean really couldn't they at least have set aside a small area in the back corner for smokers? Was it really necessary to completely outlaw smoking in the great out doors. If you read the sign it's hilarious; you can only smoke in your personal vehicle. No smoke is allowed to escape into the air. Honestly is someone going to be standing there making sure the windows aren't cracked? 

Like I said, I'm totally against the sinful practice of smoking but I am so for the personal freedoms we hold so dear in the land of ours. Hey it's a ban on smoking outdoors in Iowa today but tomorrow it'll be a ban on the "offensive" Bible.  Hey any personal freedom lost in America, regardless of what it is, is dangerous for us all. 



  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Where we live, there will be a ban on outdoor smoking in public parks etc. starting this summer. I'm happy about it - I not only hate the smell of smoke but last summer, while camping, we got to breathe in someone else's smoke both on our campsite & on the beach. It was so annoying. We'd move to a different place on the beach and the wind would blow someone else's smoke! Ugh. I think it's time that people face up to the fact that smoking isn't good for anyone - and if you really want to smoke, smoke on your own property - your own home or car. Leave me out of it!!
    About freedoms, why should someone be able to do something that infrindges on MY freedom - to breathe fresh(er) air instead? There are two sides to freedoms!
    My 2 cents! :)
    Good to hear from you!

  2. I agree with the person above. If a bar wants to allow smoking, fine. But not in a public place where I've got to smell it. I'd say that freedom has limits and, just like someone can't drink and drive, they should not be able to blow smoke where my kids would have to breathe it.

  3. Since my mom is dying from lung cancer this subject hits very close to home for me. I hate cigarettes and always have but I watched my grandma die from COPD and emphazyma which took three years after diagnosis and now my mom suffers greatly. I do see the point that Tori is trying to make because it is outdoors but I have been in public places in the outdoors and still had to breathe in smoke from cigarettes. Unfortunately the fresh air doesn't always blow it away fast enough before I breathe. Second hand smoke DOES cause health problems to many people.I love that many states have made smoke free restaurants - Missouri isn't yet one of them. And often if there is a non smoking section you must walk through the smoking section to get to it or the buffet is in the smoking section or the exhaust isn't good enough to keep the smoke from reaching the non smoking section. I always tell my husband that a person will not die if they don't get to smoke at their table but I on the other hand just might because of their smoke.


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