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Just Stuff and an I LOVE CROATIA post

Before we were missionaries, way back when, I remember missionary families coming into our church and presenting their field. I remember sometimes when they would be speaking they would forget the English word for something or they would talk about how much they wish they were "home" on their field. I used to think to myself, "Yea right". I was for sure it was one big put-on for the sake of the congregation.

Years later, I'm that missionary. We all are. It's the craziest thing. We are the ones who sometimes forget the English word for something or even catch ourselves talking about how it's better at "home".

I remember the first few years of living in Croatia and how hard it was, yes, it was very hard. I remembering wishing we were called to pastor in the states or really anything other than missionaries. All sorts of things went through my mind but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Croatia and those people were the will of God for my life. I went to Croatia following my husband knowing that in that I was obedient to God.

When we were young and only married a few years Johnny told me that he wanted to have 7 children. WHAT? 7 children, I couldn't believe it but soon figured if I was going to have to be the mom of 7 children then I was going to like it. I was young in the faith and didn't know what a blessing children could be so I had decided that ONE was the magic number for us. After I realized I was going to be the mom of 7 kids I decided if I had to I was going to enjoy it. So I purposed in my heart to like it and I did. Later Johnny changed his mind when we became missionaries but it was okay because I knew I would have been happy either way.

When life got hard in Croatia in the early years I purposed in my heart that since this was the will of God for my life then I was going to enjoy it and maybe even learn to love it. God gave me a real love for Croatia. Not only for the spiritual side of life there but also for the daily life. I love the people. I love the small town squares. I love the coffee houses and sitting on the terrace. I LOVE CROATIA. God is so good to give us the desires of our hearts.

Anyhow I said all that to say this: I'm ready to go home!!
Life in the states is so fast and so noisy. Wow, is there still a quiet place anywhere in the US and if it still exists, where is it?

I will say that one of the nicest things about being in the states isn't Walmart contrary to popular missionary belief, no it's getting to spend time with dear pastor friends. We're in Sioux City, Iowa now and were starting a mission conference tonight at Sioux City Baptist Church. We're looking forward to spending some time with our good friend Pastor James Pointer. He's one of the most gracious pastors we know.

Anyhoo, we're out on the road until the end of April and then we'll be home for Cody's graduation. Things are sure changing in our lives but it's all good 'cause He's all good!



  1. What a blessing to hear how God places us where He wants us AND makes us love it! I feel that way about where we are now.I really didn't want to come here, but the Lord is giving me peace and helping me to be content and even joyful! :)

  2. Ya know, now that I started blogging again I think I am going to do an "I Love Croatia" post, except I am going to make the kids write it! Maybe then they will realize they DO love Croatia and God can bless them because they are content in their hearts. Its a thought anyway.
    I miss sitting in the little town square drinking coffee with yous guys :( HURRY HOME! I miss you Tori!

  3. A quiet place in the states...Wartburg, TN! We'd love to have ya'll visit in our neck of the woods!

  4. Aww, I know they miss you in Croatia too!!

    Are you giving Cody a private ceremony for graduation or is he graduating with another group? I know he's excited about that too.

    Did he ever settle on what college he was going to?

    Sounds like you're busy, busy!!


  5. Head for rural America - it is slower for sure! If ya lived here all the time it wouldn't be so busy and hectic. Right now ya gotta schedule to keep and places to visit so it seems extra fast paced. Ministry life is just plain busy no matter where ya are - if you are trying to work for the Lord anyway. Remember? you have had to miss blogging at times while in Croatia cuz of being busy. However, I know you gotta miss the home where God has called. It is nice I'm sure to see loved ones here that you miss most of the time but you are missing those you have ministered to for so long. Bro. Sam and the others are keeping the fires burning there for you til you get back. This post made me weepy - I love how God changes our hearts when we let Him!


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