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Merry Christmas missionary ladies!

Okay yea, I know it's not Christmas but if this post surprises you like I think it will for many of you, then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Okay so several months ago someone told me about  Fomny TV, okay so it's not actually TV but it is awesome.

One of the things I missed from America was HGTV and 3 or 4 years ago I could actually watch whole episodes on but then they started giving me the the message. If you ever try to watch American programming from out of country you know what message I'm talking about.
 Thank you Hulu for making Andy and Goober available to all Americans but us overseas Americans. 

Okay so anyhow, I found Fomny TV and guess what is available on there... No really, guess! 
HGTV, I'm not kidding, it's actually the streaming HGTV from the states with Poptart and Lysol commercials! If you have highspeed then the quality is as good as it is in the states. 

Okay so if you go to Fomny TV and make sure that the little American flag near the top is clicked then scroll down a little then you'll see the HGTV icon; click the icon and give it a second to pull up the feed and you're ready to go. You can upsize it to full screen and BE INSPIRED!

 Be very cautious about your time consumption. A half hour show can turn into a who day wasted on the couch eating peanuts and drinking coke of you're not careful. 

Enjoy Y'all!


  1. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Hey we get that message here in Canada also :( . Not that I WANT to watch much TV, but checking things out would be fun once in a while. I'm going to check the link you gave. Hmmm.

  2. How great! I'm so happy for you. I'm addicted to the Food Network. I have to watch myself! lol!

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Oh I'm mad at you -- you've found me a new addiction (HGTV)!! EEK! Awesome link! Not sure if I should tell the family though...
    :) D

  4. You know, I never considered tv
    ( or lack of channels) in a foreign country. I dont watch much, but there are a few things I enjoy, and even here in the USA the commercials are so bad that the things I DO want to watch, I dont ( if you know what I mean )
    Seems like Fomney or Hulu, or would be a better choice, if for no other reason than we dont have those horrid commercials.
    Glad you found it! Have wonderful services tomorrow!!

  5. we lived overseas 11 years...and it is amazing the things you miss...brands of things...simple things...a day of HGTV isn't a bad thing now and then..think it might count as patriotism !!


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