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Just Imagine...

Just Imagine...

Just imagine if there was a Gypsy village in Croatia named Trnovec
Just imagine if there was 70 kids in the village that want to come to church
Just imagine if you only had transportation available for 30 and had to leave 40 standing there with no ride
Just imagine if that was breaking your heart and you were praying for a solution
Just imagine if you wanted to start a service very near the village so everyone could walk to church and no on would be left out
Just imagine if you found out a relative of a church member owned a building (not yet finished)  a few hundred yards from the village
Just imagine if that relative was already saved and had a desire to help spread God's word
Just imagine if that man was willing to allow the church to use his building to hold an afternoon service on Sunday
Just imagine if he would do this at no charge

Well, there is no need to imagine. We will have our first service there Sunday at 2:00!

Just imagine our rejoicing!

Praise the Lord. This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

This post was copied from Bro. Sam Ward's blog and I couldn't help but share it. Bro. Sam is from our home church and is our partner in the work here in Croatia. He is a soul-winning machine and has blessed us weekly since he came. Please take some time and check out his blog. He came to Croatia by faith and is slowly raising enough support to stay in Croatia permanently.  Please pray for Bro. Sam, there's not another like him in the world. 



  1. Oh wow! What an answer to prayer!
    Now, is this the same village, and the same group you have been telling us about?

  2. Tori~ What fantastic news!! I was hoping that ya'll could get a service in that area for all the people that were wanting to go. Praise the Lord!!! So great to hear of the ways in which God is working!!
    God bless,
    Lisa :O)

  3. Amen Tori!

    I'm praising the Lord for the busy-ness you all are experiencing...and for the laborers He's given you! Praise the Lord for someone to fellowship with!

  4. WOO HOO! PRAISE THE LORD! I'm sooo excited for you guys! Thanks for telling us about Bro. Sam's blog. I will check it out and add it to my site.

  5. I'm thrilled to hear this announcement!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great news, Tori! :)

    Hey, I mentioned you on my blog today in the "Feeling a little Crafty" post.


  7. WOOHOO!!!! That is wonderful!!!! God is SO GOOD!!!!

  8. Praise the Lord! Great news!

    I've just been reading over your blog, trying to catch up. Daniel and I were praying for you when you had that strange seizure, thanks to Bro. Johnny's emails. Thanking the Lord for His tender mercies and watchful care.

    I love you, Sister!


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