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The weather outside is frightful...

but the fire is so delightful and since we've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Okay so that's a nice song and all but since it's Sunday it doesn't really fit. It's so cold cold you ask. Well it's -8 degrees Fahrenheit, -22 Celsius. Talk about cold. It's so cold there's no chance our diesel van is gonna start without some major help. Bro. Rich (the national pastor) called this morning and said that out of all Croatia our town was the coldest. Not counting the feet of snow from yesterday, it's cold!

We haven't got this much snow for at least 6 years. Before we came to Croatia they had this much snow every year but we hot blooded Texans ruined it for them.

Hannah is 12 and she's up to her knees in the snow, it is awesome! So here are just a few pics of our glorious snow! Sorry Traci, I know you wish you were here.

kids playing last night
look at all the snow collected on the table.

driving down the road yesterday, good thing we have all-season tire, plus Croats are very good at driving in snow so I didn't see any accidents yesterday. In Texas there would have been multiple car pile-ups all over the place.
Johnny trying to get the ice off the windshield wipers after being in the store for 5 minutes. I'm sitting in the warm van!
On more thing before I publish this post. We've all been so bummed out about getting the snow now and not at Christmas. The forecast has been calling for a warm Christmas and it looked like there was no chance for a white Christmas but this morning I looked at out local weather that is actually posted from Croatia and unlike most weather forecasts ours is usually right. So look down there at Saturday and you'll see they are calling for snow, we'll there's a good chance that could come earlier so maybe, just maybe we'll have a white Christmas. I sure hope so.



  1. Beautiful snow!! (so much for global warming, huh?) :) Merry Christmas! I hope you get your White Christmas - I'm sure we won't be getting one in Texas. :)

  2. I just read all you past blogs. I will check more often now I know you are posting. I am so excited about all that is happening there. PS Thanks for my wonderful Christmas present!

  3. Wow that looks amazing (saw stories on the news about the UK and the USA) - considering we are in the middle of sun and would love some rain! Looks like weather to stay indoors with hot chocolate and a good book/movie:)

  4. Anonymous3:57 PM's beautiful! I hope you have a white Christmas!


  5. Brrrr! I shiver just looking at that. I don't really like the cold cuz my body aches and pains are worse in winter. But I do like a little white Christmas as long as I can still get to visit family.

  6. Love the snow Tori, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! We got snow on the 18th of December and the kids loved it! We hardly ever get snow in VA.

  7. Wow ...thats for the tempature.. I have 13 1/4 inches here in Virginia but tempature is in the 20's. Keep warm and have a Blessed Christmas.

  8. My goodness ... those scenes give me chills! It looks a lot like our east coast here in the U.S. But here in Arizona, well ... let's just say it's NOT snowing (75 & sunny). A little White Christmas actually sounds wonderful. A little.

    Blessings, and Merry Christmas,

  9. I am glad you love it. And yes it is beautiful. But that is why I love TX. Cause honey this gal don't want any part of that mess. (imagine that with a thick TX accent!) Love ya!

  10. Oh bless your heart want MORE snow?!

    It's pretty and all, but after all that I'd be "Dreaming of a Warm Christmas"!!

    Great photos!

  11. oh so beautiful!

    I think a few weeks of snow is so fun but after that a little bit of a hassle. hahaha... I grew up in upstate NY with tons of snow, but some years I remember a brown Christmas and that was a little sad. I pray you all have a white Christmas!

    WE may go to the snow in our mountains too! We usually try to go once a year. I want to go skiing with the boys but it costs so much money for the whole family.

    Big hugs from Spain,
    Dani Joy

  12. Thank you so much for your very sweet comments. I hope you enjoy the snow and have a very Merry Christmas.
    Love & Prayers

  13. It is beautiful! I grew up in Minnesota and I miss the snow! Especially around Christmas!


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