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Yea it's here!!

We're waiting for the truck...

and waiting....

and waiting...
and waiting...

Finally!!! Can you even believe it, it came!!

It's here....................IT'S BIG!and it's full!
We had plenty of help from the church and we had a ball for a couple hours working together.

I think it only took 2 hours plus I think all that work may have burned off all the calories from the Christmas goodies I ate! Almost finished.

Bro. Rich, the national pastor of the church in Čakovec is so funny. He cut his hand pretty bad while trying to mop up the snow and water that was on the stairs leading up the the Holcomb's flat. Anyhow the picture is so funny, he almost looks like he's asking, "Why me, Lord?".Then brother Anđeljko came and was trying to make bunny ears. He's one of the newest members and has already been such a great blessing to us all.
Finally we're finished and all the Holcomb's stuff is in their flat and ready for them to get here. Hannah and Anđeljko relaxing after a hard couple hours of work in the American recliners, won't find any of those around here.

We actually had a ball unloading all the stuff and now we're excited for the Holcomb's to arrive on New Years Eve.



  1. Sure makes the work easier with laughter and joy! God bless and merry Christmas!

  2. I'm so glad everything arrived safely! Sure makes me homesick even though we don't have a home yet in Croatia. Hopefully it will be our turn soon! *sigh*

  3. Their stuff actually came before they did? wow!
    What a blessing you moved them in. ;)

    Great pictures!
    Dani Joy


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