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my sunday that was

Yes that was! It's over for me almost. I know that most of you are still resting in between morning and evening services but I'm finished for today. It's 8:50 pm and I'm breathing easy now.

I had a great crowd tonight in my little van. Johnny runs a van route to one Gypsy village and I run a route to the neighboring town and into another Gypsy village. Usually in the Gypsy village I only pick up 4 kids under 12 but tonight when I drove up there was a huge crowd of teens standing in the drive, guess where they were headed, to church with me! So we piled them on top of one another and headed to church. I try my best to obey the laws of Croatia but I can't ever seem to say no when someone wants to crowd into my 7 seater van. We had around 10 tonight and praise the Lord before I took them home, 3 of them accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. Praise the Lord!!

Hey I don't believe in doing wrong to do right but I'm glad the Lord kept the police away from my Sunday round.



  1. lol I can just imagine so many piled in one vehicle!
    Rejoicing and praising the LORD in those that accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior!

    Enjoy your evening. ;o)

    ~ Christina

  2. Amen! What a great day you had! I love to hear about those who accept Christ. Glad there were no sirens for you.

  3. That's tremendous! Praise the Lord! Three souls saved is wonderful.

  4. Tori
    stopping by from my hospital bed on my iPhone. I have appreciated so much your encouagement over the last week. You have never met me and yet you take the time for me!! That is a huge blessing to me. I will come back when I can view your blog on the computer. One thing, you have your favorite movies listed and we have many of the same tastes, but I have Never met someone else who has ever heard of Random Harvest, which is my favorite in the whole wide world!! Talk about a wife's love and devotion! See u later. Kelly. Okinawa, Japan

  5. Wonderful! I love to here the victories!!
    And where did you get that little waving hand that announces some one is visiting your site? It has got me giggling.


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