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Which Christmas Movies Do You Love?

Our family loves to watch movies especially classic movies with "real" actors. At Christmas time we pull out all the old Christmas flicks and sit down several times a week and watch a movie together. We've already started our annual viewing fest and here are some of our favorites.

Without saying really, one of the best, all-time Christmas movies ever made. James Stewart and Donna Reed, can't go wrong with them. Anyhow, it's great and if you haven't seen it you've really missed out!

My second favorite Christmas movie, The Bishop's Wife. David Niven, Loretta Young and last but not least Ol' Mr. Grant himself. This is a delightful tale of the misplaced values and a little help from above. Just seen this one this year and it's already one of my favorites!

Yet another new one to me; We're No Angels is hilarious and the sorta movie you start watching and never think about anything else till it's over.
The lead actor being Mr. Bogart with two wonderful actors along side. Peter Ostinov is the actor that played Black Beard in Disney's Black Beard's Ghost (hillarious). Anyhow, this one is great and totally worth the watch.

Another Jimmy Stewart Christmas, feel-good movie. Shop Around the Corner is just a very nice, feel-good movie. Worth the watch!

Lest I forget, Mr. Scrooge, This is my favorite rendition of A Christmas Carol. I love the actors and it's just very high quality. It's aweful hard to make a less than great Christmas Carol!

Can't ever get enough of Dr. Seuss! My kids love this movie and honestly I do too.

Oops, I almost forgot Charlie Brown. A Christmas classic forever. Poor Charlie makes us all feel better about ourselves no matter how pittiful we are. :0)

So here are some of my Christmas favorites,
what are some of yours???
BTW, all these movies can be found used on Amazon for great prices.

EDITED to add some of your favorites!

Its a Wonderful Life, Barbie edition of The Christmas Carol and The Muppet Christmas Carol.
Charity likes: The Shop Around the Corner, Nativity and The Perfect Gift.

Sassy Granny likes: White Christmas.

Dr. Raz likes: It's a Wonderful Life (but makes sure not to cross any fundamental guide lines) HA!

Tammy likes: It's a Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown Christmas movies, Old Cartoon Christmas classics, Grinch (the cartoon original), Walt Disney cartoon Christmas movies, Borrowed Hearts, Nester the Christmas Donkey.

Pilar likes: A Season for Miracles
Des likes: Little Women with Elizabeth Taylor
Donna likes: Christmas in Connecticut
Melinda likes:
White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut and Holiday Inn
The Old Geezer likes: It's a Wonderful Life (released the year he was born, 1946)
Beth likes: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, The Santa Clause, Elf and the Hallmark channel during the holidays
Elaine likes: The Christmas Card, Fallen Angel, old Little House on the Prairie Christmas, the Waltons, and Touched by an Angel



  1. My all-favorite is also "Its a Wonderful Life". We ( my daughter and I ) love the Barbie edition of "The Christmas Carol". It came out last year, it's a very sweet story. We also love "The Muppet Christmas Carol".

  2. I love "The Shop Around the Corner!" Jimmy Stewart is one of the best all time actors! :) I also love the "Nativity." Last night, my hubby and I watched "The Perfect Gift" - new this year - a very neat story that makes you think!

  3. My thoughts have run along a similar vein, and even now I'm wondering which movie I might select for tonight's viewing. I'm leaning towards White Christmas; a delightful tradition, if not a backwards trek down Memory Lane.


  4. I also like old movies, I guess that's because I have 9 grand kids and I'm old.
    God Bless You and Your Family

  5. Movies? What kind of fundamentalists are you guys?
    We like "It's a Wonderful Life" the best. There were a couple of Christmases that it made us feel better when we were pretty down.
    When I was a kid I liked the Grinch movie also, especially when the little dog was trying to pull the sleigh.

  6. LOL to Dr. Raz - I was wondering if he'd question movies and fundamentalists!! I love movies but I am choosy about what I watch but haven't always been. Wonderful Life is always wonderful and I have two of the Charlie Brown Christmas movies, we also have some old cartoon Christmas classics with short renditions of stories. I love the Grinch (the cartoon original) and Walt Disney cartoon Christmas movies. I just watched Borrowed Hearts a family feature film starring Roma Downey. I really like that one. I haven't seen this one in years but have you seen Nester the Christmas Donkey? It came out new the first year Bob and I were married. I bawled. It is animated like the old Rudolph movie. When you don't have cable or satellite, you miss many classics on TV because they don't show them on national networks much anymore. - And since the digital converter box thingy we get nothing because we live in the country. Oh my, sorry this was so long! :)

  7. I wouldn´t say it is my favorite, but I like "a season for miracles"

  8. Even though it's not really a Christmas movie, there is a great Christmas scene in it. It's the original Little Women with Elizabeth Taylor. That is such a great one.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Love to make new friends! Look forward to getting to know you better!

    My hubby just couldn't wait and gave me my Kindle DX early! More gifts to come but don't think anything can top that!! I'm having a blast with's incredible!!

    Love old movies and the ones you listed are among my favorites. Like Christmas In Connecticut too.

    Hope you take a pic of your bracelet and post. Would love to see it.

    Joy and blessings to you and yours throughout the holiday season.

  10. I'm with Sassy on White Christmas, but I'd add Christmas in Connecticut and Holiday Inn to your list...they are WONDERFUL!

    I'm going to check out We're No Angels and Shop Around the Corner (I haven't seen it, but it was the basis for You've Got Mail, if you didn't know!).

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words...I'm glad to know you're out there! :o)

    Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  11. I didn't see a email that links back to your blog. So I'll say Thank You with another comment. Thank you for your comment that you made on my blog.
    God Bless You and have a Merry Christmas.

    P.S. It's a Wonderful Life is one of my all time
    favorite movies. I think it was released the year I was born??(1946)

  12. Hmmm...I just left a post. I don't know if it went through or not! I'll try again...

    We love Christmas movies in our family! Our boys are in college, but we manage to get them to watch a couple of movies with us over the holidays.

    We enjoy A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, The Santa Clause, and Elf. I also like to watch the Hallmark channel during the holidays. They have some great movies on there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. You've picked a great time to visit. I'll be celebrating my 200th post this week, giving away several sure to check back!


  13. Well, Tori, I love many of these mentioned, but as you might have read over at Sassy's, I like a few current ones... most of them Hallmark. My two favorites are "The Christmas Card" and "Fallen Angel"; of course, old Little House on the Prairie Christmas is good, along with the Waltons, and lest I forget Touched by an Angel had some great ones with Randy Travis.

    I want to spend more time this week enjoying these movies. I haven't had much time as of late;going to make some with my family. Thanks for visiting the blog; you are welcome there anytime!


  14. Boy was this popular!!! It's a wonderful life makes me cry no matter how often I see it. I will have to try the others you suggested.


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