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Finally, some white stuff!

Croatia has gone through a major climate change over the last 10 years that we've been here. When we first came snow was expected form Nov. until around February. We usually have at least a foot and many times more on the ground the entire time. Over the last several years the winters here have warmed up and this winter has been pretty warm so far.

I'm delighted to say that today our hopes gave way to rejoicing as the fluffy stuff began to fall. The kids were so excited that it didn't take long for them to head outside for some fun in the snow. Oh and this snow was perfect for snowballs.

Cody and Joshua in a serious game of snowball war. There were no winners!

Poor Hannah after a while outside. "It's cold!"

On Mondays Johnny and I usually go out on a date. Usually only the town center to have a cappuccino and a pastry. It was magical tonight with all the Christmas lights on and the snow blanketing the ground.
You would think with 20 degree weather people would be inside but many were out. Even the adults were excited and hey I even seen some sleds!
Right outside the little coffee house we go to was one of the two Christmas trees in town. This one stands in front of the Catholic church. With the snow falling and the architecture of the old building it was beautiful. I cold have wandered for hours if it hadn't been so ridiculously cold outside.
Hey we did get two Christmas gifts bought while we were out. That means that we are almost done. One or two more and we're finished!!

Anyhow, it's suppose to snow here for the next 3 days and you know what I say??? BRING IT ON!! I love it and it's about time.



  1. Looks nice. I wonder if you'll be as excited about snow in a couple of months? Haha - wouldn't mind it for one or two days here in Texas, but not likely to get it.

  2. So glad you got some of the beautiful white snow to blanket the ground. Especially at this time of year...something extra special about it.

  3. Beautiful snow. Isn't there something magical about snow? (Said by a true Texan, huh?) :) I love that church picture!

  4. The snow has made it here to Ukraine too! Enjoy! :-)

  5. I'm new to your blog - which I am really enjoying. The snow looks very inviting, considering it is hot and summer where I am!!!!

    God Bless

  6. Beautiful indeed!

    I love the Monday night coffee and pastry tradition! Now that my oldest is old enough to stay at home for a few hours with the younger ones, I may see about some type of "date night" as well???

    Great photos!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Uh-oh, you're not going to start talking about gl*bal warming now, are you? :P hahaha! I'm glad you're getting some snow and enjoying it. Merry Christmas!

  8. Brrrrrr. Looks like a good reason for some hot cocoa and warm cinnamon rolls.



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