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Free Gift Tags!

Okay so here is my massive list of Christmas gift tag links. I'm gonna rate them for your convenience. This rating is purely my opinion and is not meant to make anyone feel inferior. Many thanks to all the folks that make freebies available!!

****Okay so I was totally gonna rate these with a super cute little star so you would know which ones were the best but Blogger and this whole new system is stinking everything up. So I'm gonna be forced to do it the old fashioned way.*****

neat **
cool ***
whoa mama!!*****

Taste of the South*****
Free Printable Gift Tags******
Dr. Seussville*
All Things Christmas**
Package Tech**
Mushy* * *
Celebrating Christmas* *
A Fanciful Twist* * * * *
Family Portal*
EJM Studios* *
Gulf Shores*
Mochimochiland* *
LollyChops* * * *
Liquid Paper*
Kitty Genius* * * *
Fanciful Twist* * * * *
Doe-C-Doe* * *
Moms Network* *
Christmas Corner*
SquawkFox* * *
Mint Printables* *
The Koala* *
Horses and Ponies*
Ornament Shop*
Noel Noel Noel*
Printables 4 Kids*
Gift-Wrap It* * * *
Free Printable*
Christmas Magazine* *
Microsoft Office Templates* * *
Gingerbread Nook* * *
Kraft Foods* * * *


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  1. Oh goody! Can't wait to check out those links! And I love your rating system. Cute!

    Here's a link to my pics. I left a link on the blog but I guess you missed it. :o)

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And yeah, I know exactly what you mean about the blogging writer's block.



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