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Fun with Fleece!

Okay so remember this post when I showed you the hat and scarf I made for the cute little girl in church, well...I made two more since then. Actually I only have a photo of one because I gave the other away before I took a photo but here's the one I did last night for my daughter.

She's 12 now and so growing out of pink, (thank the Lord!). I'm so tired of pink I could puke. Really, 12 years of pink is enough for even the most patient soul. So guess what...she likes purple now. I love purple, it's so much more sophisticated and easy on the eyes.

Anyhoo, here's the beret and scarf I made her last night. (if it ever uploads)I made a finished slot in one side of the scarf so she could pull the other end through and not have to tie it, since it's a bit bulky anyway.

Here's a close-up of the flower on the beret. I made it with triangles pieces of the purple fabric then I covered a button and sewed it all together, Love it!!!

Oh yea and this photo is just because she's so goofy, I told her I was going to put it on my blog.

This was so easy, sewing it was a cinch and the hardest part, most time consuming was cut all the slits in the scarf.

The link listed about has all the links you need to make one of these and you'll be hooked once you do.



  1. I LOOOOOVE this Tori!!! And HOLY MOLY I think that even I can make this!! This scarf is super adorable and I think I'll be making some of these for Christmas gifts!! FUN!!

    Thank you for sharing this (and the link to your other post that contains all the links to other fleece projects!! LOVE THEM!!).

    Have a blessed Sunday!

    Mrs. U

  2. I just love that scarf!!

    I've looked for fleece to make that same scarf, but I can't find any here.

    Where do you find yours?

  3. Both the model and the scarf are so cute! Flannel makes me think I am about ready to hop in my flannel lounger cause it is brr cha-willy here. Like 36 degrees and rainy cha-willy

  4. I love the scarf Tori! Being crafty is my thing. I like trying my hands at new projects just to see if I can do it. LOL Thanks for your post, I will look at your link later and see what I need to do to make this too. My girls would love it. : )

    ps I'm glad you're back, but totally understand how busy you are!

  5. Glad you are back and I love your new blog look! My daughter loves working with fleece and I showed this to her and she really likes it.
    Also, I hopefully answered your question about the gingerbread in a post today.

  6. Hey stranger!

    What a CUTE Hat and scarf..
    My daughter likes Red and Purple... no pink here.. maybe Abby, I love me some pink! lol

    Glad to have you back.. a nice surprise~

  7. That is SUPER COOL!!

  8. Really neat. She looks good in them.

  9. Love them....sooo cute!

  10. I am so jealous! you did so good that flower it looked perfect! Good to have something to read on my best friend's blog!!!!!!

  11. I love her. She is just the cutest thing! Love the fun with fleece too!!

    I'm using my "Whiter than Snow" background. Thanks again for those. :)



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