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I'm back with new duds!

Gosh, it seems like I've been away from months but really it's only been 4 weeks. Actually, I really needed a small break. Sometimes I just get blogger's block and can't seem to find anything to blog about. I know you know what I mean.

Lets see, since I've been gone lots of stuff has happened here.  We've seen Thanksgiving come and go. It's crazy to me that Thanksgiving is already gone and we're well on our way to Christmas. We had a nice Thanksgiving, just us but with plenty of food, thank the Lord.

We've seen lots of happenings in the church too. A baptism and some needed growth. A family of 9 has started coming. Actually just the dad and kids have come so far but we have high hopes for the mom.

Staying busy, getting ready for our Christmas program, which is always fun to watch, trying to fit in a small Christmas gathering somewhere in between and the rush, pondering my baby's 38th birthday and what to get him, thinking about going to Austria to do some Christmas shopping, and trying to figure out how to get all my Christmas baking done without gaining any weight!

Anyhoo I'm back, I know you missed me! I can't wait to catch up on my reading on your blogs, soon!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and for comment. It's always a blessing to know that someone cares about our loneliness, especially during the holidays. We are in the middle of Christmas activities too! I feel snowed in. Unfortunately, that may be the only time that happens since we don't often see the white stuff! HA! Congrats on your great success at SP! You're doing great!

  2. Yea! Glad to see you back! I enjoyed reading your update.
    I understand what you mean about writer's block and about baking without gaining any weight... agh
    How exciting about the new family coming. Praying the LORD will work in the heart of the wife, too!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    ~ Christina

  3. oooo... Love your new look!! How did you do that? I would be tempted to change mine if I thought I could do it this nice! Great job! It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling! hehehe

    So glad to see you back in bloggylandia. Hope all is well. Looking forward to catching up.

    Dani Joy

  4. I'm glad you started writing again sweetheart.

  5. Hey Tori, Glad you're back. Missed you. Love your new blog look. Very cute! I'm missing seeing your "Why I love Croatia" posts and your refinishing projects! hint hint! :)


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