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Useless stuff in a sock!

Growing up our family was anything but conventional. We didn't usually celebrate holidays for lack of money and Christmas wasn't a huge deal. My parents tried to do for us but we were so poor that they didn't really celebrate the holiday. We never had stockings so when I married my husband and started celebrating Christmas with his family I was delighted to have a stocking hanging by the fireplace with my name on it. Actually for me looking through that stocking was more fun that opening the gifts, I loved it. Anyhow, my wonderful mother-in-law always made sure we have filled stockings on Christmas morning at her house. So when we moved to Croatia we decided to make stockings for the kids but not for us.

Anyhow, I realized a few days ago that I had a huge amount of stocking-stuffers bought for Johnny and then I remembered that he didn't have a stocking. I guess I forgot or something so today I did something about it.I made my first stocking. It's lined and everything. I had so much fun appliqueing his name and some holly leaves on it. I know it's really country and I'm more city but it was still fun and now he has something to put all that useless stuff in on Christmas morning. :0)



  1. Tori, I think its great! and I love the country feel.. I am stuck between the two... I am going modernish in my upstairs and countryish in my basement so I get to have BOTH worlds....
    I love how you hung it on the snow filled pine as well!

  2. What a great story.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Tori, it looks great! You did a wonderful job. Did you use a pattern or tutorial, or did you just wing it? I need one for my daughter, and was thinking of making her one.....


  4. Love the stocking - I use to have stockings when the boys were young but stopped when they reached their late teens. I kind of miss doing them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - yes I am from Australia - and I am currently melting in a heatwave:(


  5. You did a great job! It is perfect!

  6. The stocking turned out really cute -- I love it! Oh, and I love the new blog layout, too :o) Merry Christmas!

  7. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Hi Tori ~

    Thank you so much for the encouraging comment you left for me on my blog. It is a blessing to meet you!

    I love the stocking you made ~ you did a wonderful job on it! Stockings have always been my favorite!

    Blessings on your day,

  8. Great work! Especially on a whim. My goodness it´s beautiful!

    Thanks for coming by to visit often now. It´s so nice. I had missed you. ;) Now I have gotten to see you several days in a row now. :)

    Our Christmas program is Sunday night. we joined in with the church in the next big city over. We had worked with them for 4 years before coming to Gijón. So we work well together. Our oldest has a lead roll this year and He is getting pretty psyched up. We do the whole program Friday for a Nursing home.

    I would like to do some baking but have no idea when as I have invited all my English students over Sat. for a party. I pray to show a Creation video.. it´s just something fun to do.. and put English subtitles. LOL Anyway... It will be my first time for them to hear the full plan of salvation.

    Guess that´s about all... oh and for Reyes (three kings) and our Anniversary We are going to Germany. ;) Wooo hooo!!!

    How bout you all? What will you be doing?

    Dani Joy

  9. Wow, it looks like you put a lot of work into that stocking!! Looks great.

  10. Tori, It looks great! Thanks for sharing your childhood with us. You should put the stocking on FOF at Chari Tree.


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