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Is it even possible to deprogram someone once they have been programmed? I mean short of shock therapy or a lobotomy?
Sometimes I wonder if we will ever get through to some of the people we work with here in Croatia. It seems like there is a hard shell around their minds and the Catholic church has fortified it so no other thoughts of God and eternity can enter than the ones they planted there.
We work with children a lot, with the thinking that it's easier to get them when they're young then to reach them later in life. Week after week we teach a different lesson but with the same theme; Jesus Saves. It's amazing that every week it seems when they are asked how they can get to heaven they all answer the same; Be Good. How many times can you tell them that it's by faith through Christ plus nothing and minus nothing??? I mean really what is the secret to reaching these souls for Christ. Where will they be if we aren't able to break through the indoctrination and deprogram them? I don't know how many of "our" kids will truly be reached, made to see the Light. I don't know but I do that God wants them all in Heaven with Him. We've got to get busy so we'll have something to give Him when He comes. What a shame if we arrive at His throne empty handed!

Our friend Danijel took these photos in the Gypsy village where I run my little van route every week.



  1. Don't despair! The Holy Spirit will do His work. You may not be around to see it. It may be in the next generation. Your faithfulness will a big factor.

    It seems that sometimes we are just spinning our wheels, but I am sure that what we are both doing will have lasting, eternal results!

  2. Amen to what Rhonda said.
    Praying for you, your family, and the ministry there, Tori. Praying the Lord will open the hearts and minds of the people in Croatia.

    ~ Christina

  3. It is frustrating I know but our job is to go and tell - plant the seed. God gives the increase. We are human and like to see results. - We want show and tell. Sometimes we must remember that we only get our bus kids 2 hours a week, the parents, school and world get them all the rest. We just have to stick with it and pray that something sticks with them for the future. If they are surrounded by Catholicism at home, it is very hard to deprogram that while their parents tell them it is right. In general, even those in rebellion against parents, still want their parent's approval. Think about it, not many adults take a stand on what is right when their friends or family are present. Keep sowing the seed and praying also. We are promised that there will be a harvest if we faint not.

  4. I know how you feel girl!

  5. Tears are the only way I can express the feelings these pictures evoke. Only God can do you work. As always my prayers are with you.

  6. One day our Gypsy kids will grow up. I believe no doubt some of them will get glorious saved! They will be the ones to make a difference among their people! If we can just reach the next Gypsy Smith!

  7. I think missionary work is so awesome, and such a humongous blessing to those who hear the Gospel. I can imagine how many lives you have touched


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