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Happy Birthday to my Hannah!

Took this photo of Hannah this morning. she chose to get her hair cut for her birthday and I love it.

Today is my baby's 12th birthday. Hannah Nicole is 12 today. She officially turned 12 at noon. It amazes me that she is already 12, where does the time go?

12 Things I Love about Hannah

1. She's so loving to everyone she meets.
2. She is forgiving to fault.
3. She's so creative.
4. She remains innocent in her imaginations.
5. She loves her Daddy.
6. She makes me laugh!
7. She is very open with her feelings.
8. She is physically very loving.
9. She loves Jesus.
10. She is a friend that always shows herself friendly.
11. She has a great sense of humor.
12. She loves even the unlovable.

Happy 12th birthday Hannah, we all love you very much!


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!!

    What a precious tribute to your sweet daughter!!

    Save this Hannah and treasure it and live it ALL your life and the LORD will bless you always!


  2. Happy Birthday Hannah! Hope it is a great day.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR HANNAH!!!! Hope you have a birthday to remember. You are a very sweet young lady, very much like your Mom, I am sure. love to you and God blessings on your life, Mrs. Connie from Texas

  4. Happy birthday, Hannah!

    What a sweet tribute. It´s so special to give notes like these to our children. I believe it instills a lasting flame of love that just our plain old words might not otherwise be able to.

  5. Happy birthday to Hannah! She is such a lovely young lady.

  6. I hope she had a great birthday! I love her hair!
    We just had Bro. Scott Holcomb here. He was a very nice man. I pray they get to Croatia very soon so they can help you guys.
    Take care, Tori! :)

  7. Hi, just stopping in to say 'hi', and Happy Birthday Hannah! I read your blog all the time, and enjoy it. I like the way you are able to improvise and make things our of scraps, and old furniture.

  8. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

  9. She is so beautiful, Tori. I hope she had a wonderful birthday!



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