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Ministry Blessings!

I guess being busy in ministry is what it's all about, right? Well we're busy. Between the first church plant in Čakovec and the second in Varaždin we are hopping.

Sister Ljubica, the national pastor's wife taught a 10 week Bible course to the children that Johnny brings in on his van route on Sundays and Wednesdays. It was great and they did so well. Those kids memorized at least 10 verses and many were saved.

At the end of 10 weeks they recited memory verses and sang songs, it was so sweet and they very well. Most of these children come from one of the local Gypsy villages. Although they are all from good homes they still live in the village and see things that we can only imagine.
We have grown to love each of these children. They are rowdy and wild at times but Jesus loves them and died for them. Yes, in case you're one of those, children can be saved and many of these have been.

All the children received diplomas, they were so excited.Natalija

Elvira, daughter of our faithful Gypsy family.
Milek, son of the same Gypsy man.
Rebeka, Bro Rajko's daughter. Oh yea that's Bro. Rajko above.
Matej, Bro. Rajko's 3rd child.
Kevin, oh wow a name you can prounounce! YEA!

Our Hannah girl!
Siniša, the first boy at church to have an outward crush on Hannah. Nipped that situation in the bud at lightning speed.

Okay now, Megi is Rajko's youngest and the most fun. She was so funny during the diploma ceremony, as Bro. Rajko would call the childrens name, you could hear Megi (Maggie) in the congregation saying her own name wanting her dad to call here. He finally did and you can see how excited she is as he tries to shake her hand and she's reaching for the diploma. We love her!

And finally Ruben, Bro. Rajko's oldest. This young man loves the Lord and tries to live by the Bible. We are short songbooks in the church and Ruben has more than once reached across the pew to offer me his. Too bad he's not a little older, or Hannah younger!

We had a wonderful day yesterday with 3 souls being saved. Here are pictures of the couple and then we had one more man but he asked not to be shown. God is so good and we're seeing that daily!
Nikolina, just saved a few weeks ago
and her boy friend Emil who decided at the last minute, actually when Johnny was getting ready to baptize his wife he decided he was going to do it too. He said his heart was pounding so hard and he knew he needed to do it too, that's the Holy Spirit for ya!

Altogether, life is good and God is wonderful!


  1. Wow what a great Sunday it was! Thanks dear for loving the Lord so much that you are willing to serve Him here with me. These precious souls need us sooooooooooo much!

  2. Praise the Lord! I just love working with the kids. I feel that they have the chance that the older ones will never have.

    About that boy-------keep your eyes open, and your shotgun loaded. Just kidding! An empty shotgun will do just fine!

  3. Praise the Lord! Y'all had a great Sunday, Amen!

  4. AMEN!!! What a blessing! Incredible what the Lord is doing over there. what happened in the crossing of the Med that all of a sudden the hearts are hard as stone. It´s so hard here!!! or are we doing something wrong?

  5. Great pictures! I am so glad that the Lord didn't say for the children to become like adults to be saved, but for the adults to become like children.

  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Praise the Lord!!! This is an awesome post. Aren't the angels singing!!!??

  8. Hooray! Thanks for posting this, Tori. It is encouraging. We are having a missionary to Croatia come on July 5th. I hope they get there quick to offer help and fellowship.

    Have a great Sunday!! :0)


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