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Wheww, let me catch my breath.

Wow, I like being busy but I like having breaks too. Lately it seems like we're running from one special even to another, all to do with church of course.

Today I have to go to the church and finish the summer decorations. We have two windows in the new church plant that face the road and are perfect for information. In one of the windows is a huge plan of salvation. Since we are right around the corner from the market, on Thursdays and Saturdays hundreds walk past our church and many stop to read that plan. Hey ya never know!

Oh wait let me tell you what happened yesterday or actually it was Thursday. Isn't' that the way it works, days either run together because life is too slow of way too fast. Anyhow, a lady from the church and I went to buy some items for the window displays and parked in the parking lot of the little store. The lot was a little slanted on both sides and so I parked on the hill. After about 10 minutes, with sand pail, and shells in hand we headed out. Once I walked out I realized that things looked rather strange. the lot was full and there were two neat rows of parked cars running down both sides of the lot, except for one, mine! My van had the emergency break set and I put it in 1 gear before I got out and somehow faulty breaks (that will get their turn as soon as the bank says it's their turn) had allowed the van to roll backwards into the middle of this very busy parking lot and it was about a meter from hitting the little white car parked behind my big van. Talk about praising God, 5 more minutes inside and those breaks surely would have allowed my big white van and that little cracker box of a car to meet and in a bad way. Praise the Lord it didn't happen and guess who's not parking on any hills anytime soon!!

I'm heading to the market today, can't wait. Luckily the market is right by our church is it would be bad stewardship not to go and see if I can save some money over there. A couple weeks ago when a visiting missionary family was with us, I did something I have been wanting to for a long time. I actually haggled with the sales people. I saved us $2!! I know that's not a lot but $2 is still enough for an ice cold Dr. Pepper (manna). Anyhow, I am on the lookout for postcards today. I have done some research and I'm ready for the hunt!
Going to the market, the market, the market, I'm going to the market to buys myself some junk!

Oh yea, we have two new converts lined up for baptism tomorrow, can't wait. Our baptismal has been dry for several months. It's a real battle to get folks to be baptized here in Croatia. They are essentially taking a large step away from their families and it's usually a very hard decision.

Anyhow, looking forward to a wonderful day tomorrow! Hope you all have a great Lord's Day too!



  1. HE'S really been looking out for you lately, hasn't He?!

    Praise the Lord for his protection, and for busy ministries!

  2. So glad all is going well there! Praise the Lord about your car! It's hard getting folks baptized here, too. I am happy you all are seeing those waters stirred! :)

  3. Thank the Lord your van didn't get crunched! Or rather, that it didn't crunch the little car, lol!

    I pray that the Lord blesses your church services, especially the baptisms. AMEN! :oD We're going through a dry spell... About ready to come out of it. :o/

  4. You have such an interesting life!!!

  5. Scot and I praise the Lord with you and Bro. Johnny for the baptisms. God is so good. He is faithful to give the increase if we do what we are suppose to! I tried to leave a comment on Bro. Johnny's blog, but it never would let me, so just tell him we are rejoicing with you all. God bless you.


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