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Finding my Niche

When I was 20 or so I worked at a company in Texas that warehoused lots of merchandise for big companies. We were responsible for shipping out their items and so forth. Anyhow, I was always very good at my job and one day my boss called me in. She sat me down to tell me how I was doing and she said that the one thing I needed to work on was my attention span. She said I was easily distracted and needed to try to focus on one thing at a time. Well that was 16 years ago and I still haven't learned how to concentrate on one item or hobby at a time.

I was just chatting with Johnny and we were talking about my being a Jack of all trades or Jill I should say. Anyhoo, I know a little about pretty much everything. I know how to sew, paint, crochet, garden, upholstery, cook, decorate, and now refinish furniture. I wished for once I could master one of these hobbies. Just so I could say that I was an expert at at least one thing. But no...not me, I can't do any one thing perfect but I can get by with lots of little things.

Sometimes I look around at some of the sewing going on out there in Blogville and I'm like, yep that's the thing for me. Then I see some of the cute knitting blogs and thing, oh wait, that's for me. I dunno, I may never perfect anything.

My latest thrill is thrifting at the markets here in Croatia. Normally anything bought new in Croatia is outrageous but at the market, if your willing to look there are treasures to be found.
Today before soul-winning my partner, Hannah and I all went to the market (across the street from the church) and found some gems.

First we found a prize that I can't tell you about now but soon I'll post a picture of our great find and you'll be amazed. I'm so thrilled about this find that I can't wait to get it home. It's stored at the church right now since it was way too big for our little Chrysler van. Oops, I'm telling too much, enough for now, you'll just have to wait.

One of my lucky finds was the tea kettle. I seen it on the table and was so excited to see it was in perfect condition. It probably dates to the 50s or before and it's so cute. I love the curly copper handle. It even has the tea strainer thinggy in the top for putting your tea leaves in . It's so sweet and obviously handmade here in Croatia. I think it's earthenware and it's come home to a very happy recipient.
One more thing I picked up, a pair of ugly brass lamps. They both work find and are pretty substantial in size. The brass is sooo ugly so this week they are going to get a new coat of flat black spray paint and new shades (if I can find them cheap enough, or maybe I'll cover these).
Anyhow, I am so enjoying digging for treasure here in the Croatian markets. You wouldn't believe all the goodies they have. Cross stitches that are obviously 100 years old. Sewing machines and tables from multiple decades, all sorts of Nazi and war memorabilia, post cards out the wazoo, and any and everything you can imagine, all for the taking.

Anyhow for the moment, I have found my niche and I like it!!



  1. I haven't found my niche yet, either, and I don't think anyone is complaining about the variety of crafts and things we see you post about! :o)

    Have you ever visited The Nester's blog? ( She is always doing some new crafty thing, but also always breaking "the rules" for decorating. She just posted a Mr. Linky about lamps, so maybe you could link up for this new project you're starting. :o)

  2. Finding a treasure at a market is always exciting. Love your little tea kettle.

  3. I love treasure hunting, too! :o)

    ...And I think you seem to have the Midas touch at whatever you attempt. You have created some real useful and beautiful things for your home!

  4. oh Tori...I am the SAME way...I think I am adhd....seriously...I call it *flitting*...I flit from this project to that and distract EASILY...yikes..know a tad of this etc...NOW in the past say 5 years I have LOVED thrifting.....yard sale-ing....maybe that is our niche..or maybe it is just to be multi-talented...I think your attempt more things than I would ever kuddos for you...
    Looking forward to your surprise..etc...and your treasures are great..
    btw....when we lived overseas we were warned to be careful of old pottery/cooking things...sometimes they contain and leach so much lead..thats just a FYI...we did 11 years and sure love all the unusual treasures..

  5. Don´t quit though even though you haven´t found that niche. What ever you are doing it seems to be working . :)

    I don´t even know where to begin! I don´t think I would even know where to begin in bargin shopping either.

    God put you in the right spot! Grow where you are planted! I would say you are blossoming!

    Have a wonderful Lord´s day tomorrow! God bless and we are praying for you and your family.

  6. Your tea kettle was such a great find. Hope you enjoy it! :)

  7. It sure looks like to me that you HAVE perfected many things. Being a Jill of All Trades is very handy I'm quite sure for a missionary's wife! Any project that comes out looking great when finished shows craftmanship and they always look perfect. ...Unless, are you doctoring the pics?!

  8. LOve the tea pot and looking forward to seeing pictures of the lamps!!!!!!!

    You have an EYE for great stuff!!!


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