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Good morning to you too!

This morning I'm sitting in the office checking my e-mail when Hannah comes down to tell me that her face feels tight. One look and I realized that something wasn't kosher. Her face was all swollen and especially around her nose and eyes.

It seem what happened is this; the other day while doing some yard work I noticed Hannah with yellow pollen on her face. You know what we did as kids when we would take the butter cups and press them onto our faces so the yellow pollen would be on our face, well apparently this is what she did, but instead of flowers she found a small pine looking shrub in our yard that has red bulb looking things on it and she used those instead. Bad idea! Apparently she had some sort of allergic reaction to it and here she is, the Pillsbury dough girl.

We headed to the doctors office this morning and come to find out this was their late day. The yare open in the morning on even days and evening on uneven days. I know it's weird but it's the system here. So we headed to the emergency room here. The emergency is for emergency but you can also go there if you need to see a doctor and your family physician isn't working.

Oh yea did I say it was pouring down rain today which is a bummer since in Europe getting around town takes a lot more walking then driving.

Anyhow, we make it to the hospital and we're waiting, finally a humongous doctor lady calls us back and takes off. By the time we get our things together and head back through the double doors, she's gone. Were standing and this other little nurse comes out and wants to know why we're back there. I'm like, "she told us to come back here", then she looks around and says, "who told you to come back here?" so I said the nurse, she looks around and then at me with an obvious exasperation. Who she asks again, "The big doctor woman!" I tell her. Then finally out of what appeared to be a broom closet she steps out. Okay so now I've got it, this is some sort of game they play so their day doesn't get boring.

Anyhow, we're finally in the little sterile room and they decided to give her a shot and you know what, it wasn't in the arm. She wasn't too thrilled with this, first time getting a shot in the bum. and all.

Anyhow, we go to leave and she starts hurting really bad, her leg goes numb and she can't hardly walk. Then she starts to throw up and we head to the toilet. Then she starts to faint. So here she is needed in throw up while holding her bottom and almost falling down. Finally after lying for a while she starts feeling better and we head home.

She's still pretty swollen but I'm thankful it wasn't anything serious. It's amazing that on the mission field, everything is an adventure. There is so much comical material here it's crazy.

So we're home now and she's watching an old Bob Hope movie with the boys and I'm blogging. The world is set right now!



  1. Poor Hannah!I hope she's feeling better now!

  2. Poor darlin'!
    Getting a shot in the "popin" is no laughing matter, but its much better than a shot in the vein!

  3. Oh MY! Poor Hannah :o( Seems the treatment was worse than the allergic reaction!

  4. Oh poor thing..and you too! Oh my!

    Atleast she can laugh now when she thinks back on your comment of the Pillsbury Dough Girl and then the shot on the bum..and trying to stay upright...not vomit and not draw attention to yourself ...........right!

    Praying for a full recovery Hannah...

    God bless..

  5. What a scary time for her and you. Hope all is well and no relapse occurs.

  6. Hope she feels better.

  7. My goodness, we just have to roll with the punches don´t we! Sometimes we want to just yell something in English but then our testimony is on the line and we think better of it.
    Give Hannah a hug from us.
    Our Andrew had his face swell up from Scarlet fever last year on our way to the States. Only I had no idea he had had strep! the kid was a trooper. Looks like Hannah is too! :)

  8. Tori, My Oldest is almost 17.

    Jessica wanted Hannah to know that she feels bad about the shot, but hopes it gets her better. :)

  9. I have NO idea how I missed this post.
    Poor Hannah.. once my daughter woke up looking like this after what we thought was a bee sting. I took her to the E.R as it was a SUnday morning and they told me she was fine.. the next day she woke up with BOTH of her eyes swollen shut! So, I called her Dr who told me to give her benadryl... It took it away after a couple of days.. but WOA. it was hard looking at her for awhile.
    Since then its happened again in her face, once in her hand and once on her ankle... they are so massivly huge I dont even know how they dont pop... it ended up, its a Mosquito bite!
    Funny how two simple almost every day things can cause that huh?
    Poor Hannah and Poor you, it had to be soo frightning her going through all that after the shot.. Glad she is better :*(


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