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Just stuff!

We headed to the outdoor market today to take a look-see at the flowers available. I love going to the outdoor market better than the store because there are so many interesting folk there. I love to see the little ladies in scarves selling the bounty of their hard work wrapped in news print. They just pull the plants out of their own yards and bring them to the market to sell.

We don't have lot of room to plant in out yard to I'm doing lots of containers on our patio. Something about flowers, it's hard for anyone to not like 'em. Johnny mentioned the other day about how much he enjoyed the flowers in town so I'm on a mission to beautify our little piece of Croatia.

Oh yea we had to take our sweet dog KD to the vet today. She was acting a little lethargic and after a look we noticed several large ticks on her. After a little chat with the vet we were informed that Croatia has an epidemic of ticks this year. Apparently she's had them for a while because she had a fever and was already sick from them. Oh well, should have went for that Frontline a month ago.
Oh yea look at what I did. Last week I bought two ugly brass lamps at the market and this week I painted them and covered the shades. After a look I realized that I like the base black but the shades don't really go so well. So I'm going to measure the diameter and next time I'm lucky enough to get to go to IKEA I'm planning on buying some new shades. Either way, the lamps were a great deal becuase you can't get a good quality lamp in Croatia for under 300 kuna/$75 and there is no way I'm paying that!

Anyhoo, the day isn't over yet. I'm planning on doing some more laundry, washing some dishes, making some coleslaw and BBQ for dinner and planting my goodies I got today. Oh yea and maybe playing some tennis if Johnny gets home in time. Hey did I tell you that we gave our roller blades to our kids and took up tennis? Yea we did and guess what, I love it!! I really didn't think tennis would be fun and it's great and a wonderful workout too. We managed to find some really inexpensive rackets and we were off. All I need to do now is to make some new culottes that aren't too shabby so I'll look cute while striking a pose with my racket.

The weather is lovely, I'm saved and have a wonderful family that loves me, what else could I ask for.



  1. You go girl!

    First of all...what's "look-see"?

    Second...I love tennis! Safer than rollerblading at your age...*ahem*..our age!

    I'm making BBQ this weekend too!

  2. the lamps hardly look like the same lamp!! Good work.

    Tennis? I want to learn Tennis.. we have a park in our backyard and there is a tennis court... well my kids are dying to get over there and play.

  3. You are blessed, Sister! :o) Have a great day!

  4. great job on the huh ????.....I am impressed...
    does playing on the Wii count?

  5. The flowers are very nice. And I also like the base of the lamp being black. I hope your dog feels better.

  6. You sure are ambitious! Love the black base on the lamps.

    You didn´t finish about your doggy. Is she ok?

    Thanks for all your sweet comments when you come over to visit.

    sure wish we could get together for a chat! :)

  7. You are a busy bee :) So talented

  8. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I hope the doggy is feeling better soon!

    Your flowers are lovely and your lamps turned out *gorgeous*! Great job! (o:

  9. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Really like what you did with the lamps. They look great! Hope your dog will be okay too.

  10. Don't forget to show us all the flowers in their place in your little piece of Croatia.

    So when you painted the brass, what kind of paint did you use and did you have to do anything to the brass before painting it? I love how it gave it such a different look!


  11. you are sososo creative!!! I love the ideas!


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