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IKEA Fabric ♥!

Yesterday we took the day and headed to Austria for a little fun. Our first stop in Graz was the Burger King. Okay so I know you're like, big deal, but yea it was and the kids really enjoyed it. Then the day turned even better as we drove over to my most major crush, IKEA!!!

I totally love IKEA, everything they carry and the style, it's me! My most favorite part of the store is the fabric section. They carry some of the best quality fabrics in these parts. I was excited to see that they had some new stuff in stock and got busy at once cutting and weighing my booty. Now how cute is this birdy fabric, so cute. Love that single red beak!
I super love all the brilliant colors IKEA uses in it's fabrics, love it!
Got his little orange and pink lovely for only 2€!
Future skirt for Nana girl.
Another of that 2€ fabric. Cute birdies!
And lastly, love this large pattern print, so festive. It's also going to be a skirt, maybe mixing it with another. We'll see!

Stay tuned!



  1. Love Ikea, love Austria. Never been in Austria but Vienna is my dream trip.... so jealous of ya!

  2. Boy did IKEA jump out at me!! When we lived in Switzerland years ago...our entire home was furnished in IKEA!! We were excited to see it come to the USA. My daughter now decorates her home with Ikea "stuff".. I always loved their kitchen and bedding section.

    The bottom fabric is awesome. I'd like that for a quilt project!

    After living overseas..I can appreciate Burger King. I craved Tacos!

    God bless..

  3. I don't think I've ever been to IKEA, but I have seen their stuff online and love it! I especially love that fabric with the pink and orange flowers -- cute!!!

  4. Love Ikea too!! I can spend hours just getting ideas! We got the boys beds from there too. Ours is not too far but boy would I go to Austria for an Ikea too.
    How long of a drive is that from you all?
    I was feeling all sorry for you that you couldn´t come to Madrid but I am re thinking that, now that you have been to Austria! ;) LOL

  5. We are Ikea people..we have one about 1/2 hour away...I like that you can incorporate many of their things with any kind or style of decorating....look forward to seeing what you sew...

  6. They are all very lovely.

  7. yes.. next year we will need to plan something!
    I wonder what the closest airport is? :)
    We may be going to the States for a wedding and a mini furlough in Aug.

  8. Thanks for stopping by the PICNIC Tori and leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed the photos..would have loved for you to join us!!

    One year I did a Lighthouse theme with a MISSIONARY testimony time. We have several in our own church who were home on fulough at the time. We each passed a candle to the next person to light our own Thomas Kincaid "Lighthouse" jar candle prior to beginning ... Let your light so shine! Matt. 5:16


  9. Is that how it works??? By weight?!

    I never knew....maybe after I get my "monthly salary" a.k.a allowance, the first of May, I'll head on over to IKEA...(Only 30 minute drive on the interstate...)

    What kind of missions field do I live in?! ;)


  10. LOVE the fabrics.. I love Ikea too and ya know, as sad as it is, we now have only only like 45 minutes away and I have only been ONCE... tisk tisk.
    I am in LOVE with the colorful stripped on and cant wait to see what you do with all of it...
    ANd hey, Burger King IS a big deal :P its my sons birthday dinner choice :)

  11. We are about 10 miles from Ikea. I love it! In our home we have my dd's desk, my ds's loft bed, 2 bookcases, a stool, rugs, accessories, and some bedding from ikea. I have never spent much time in their fabric section because it seems expensive to me and I would never know what to do with all those bold prints. :) My favorite part is the kitchen and bath section. I love all the doo dads and containers! Keep us updated on what you do with the fabric! BTW, I loved the post on vinyl lettering. I'm still looking for contac paper (without much luck)so I can do my own project!

  12. Those are some really beautiful fabrics, Tori! I'm glad you have an IKEA not too far away.

  13. Lovely fabric. Can't wait to see your creations!
    Have a blessed Lord's Day!
    ~ Christina

  14. great fabric - I really like the black and white with birdies all over

    happy sewing!

  15. I love Ikea, i live in Australia - I have the beautiful seaguls as a giant canvas in my office, It is so effective. I just went on Saturday too for a look around, such retail therapy. Love your blog too, its great.

    at I Just Love That Fabric


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