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Life as usual, or maybe not.

I know I've been MIA for a little while, just living life.

Things are good here, busy working as usual. About 4 weeks ago we started a new work with the children from a near by Gypsy village. The national pastor's wife is leading it and doing a wonderful job. Anyhow, Johnny runs a route to the village to pick up the kids and until now everything has been going great. We usually have up to 20 kids and they're excited about the class.

Sunday night as we waited out front at the church for Johnny and the kids to arrive we were shocked by what followed. Johnny drove up and one of the Gypsy families we pick up got out of the van and do you know how many kids followed? None, not one of those 20 came. What happened? Where were they?

Come to find out one of the families got very upset when they found out we were Baptist, how could they not know, and they forbid their kids from coming. Sadly Gypsy people in Croatia are very clannish and tend to follow the crowd quite easily. Oh yea and the father of these children made it very known that he didn't have Johnny's welfare at heart and threatened him with bodily harm. Are you kidding, I mean really, how long do we have to fight before the devil gives up a little of his territory?

Every time we have ever begun working in the Gypsy villages something has happened. Our first work in one of the villages ended tragically with molestation within the group of saved Gypsies and finally murder of the very first man that was saved. Now that God has begun a new work the Devil is hard at work to keep us from gaining any ground. Johnny wrote a nice blog post on this topic, check it out.

Anyhow, what else have I been up to? Hmm..a little Spring cleaning. Been busy trying to get things caught up around the house. It seems like as soon as I get caught up I have lost control again. How did June Cleaver do it anyhow?

My beautiful 100 year old armoire is still sitting in the garage untouched. I keep meaning to work on it but it's so dark in the garage, and I like to work outside. The armoire weighs a ton and so it's not so easily moved in and out. Maybe this week...

Still haven't used my new IKEA material. Need to get busy on that too. Hannah is in need of some new skirts and I have the means but not the motivation. I'm planning on using this tutorial for a few of the skirts because I simply hate cutting out patterns. YUCK!

Since I don't really have an image to share with you today I thought I would introduce you to the two best nieces in the world. This is Madison and Kaitlynn, Johnny's sisters girls. Talked to Madison yesterday and we talked about her having a pink car with purple interior when she grows up. She then told me that when she gets her car she will drive to where I am. Aww, I almost cried. Of all the things I miss in Texas, I think I miss her the most.
BTW, they saved a lot of dough by allowing Madison to cut her own hair!

So this is why I have been MIA for a time. No excuses, just lazy I guess. Sorry for not making it around to all your blogs, I'll try to get caught up on that soon too.



  1. I know how discouraging things like that can be. But I also know that you are up against more than you can know.
    Here, everything seems normal on the surface, then you find out how many are involved in the occult, and then you understand why its been so hard!

    Keep up the good fight!

  2. Christy8:13 AM

    Those are the cutest girls ever! They must have a very pretty mommy!!!!
    Tell all hi and I love ya'll.

  3. Tori, thanks for this post. I read your husband's post just before yours and it was heartbreaking. The picture was so sad. I'm praying for ya'll.


  4. I'll pray for your ministry that God we help you to continue to share the gospel to those children in the village. Also your nieces are so cute. A child always says the sweetest things, too bad us adults couldn’t learn from them.

  5. Wow! Satan sure is at work! We have been feeling it here too! I blogged about it, too.
    We will surely pray.
    Don´t feel badly about blogging. It´s an extra. It makes the posts we do post all the more special. I have been cutting back a little too. I am so interested in the Gypsy ministry. There is only one village that we know of around here. But they live so far out. They all seem to have their own church too.
    God is so God though, to give us a wonderful family to help us through these tough times!
    Big Hug, my dear Sister! you all are an encouragement for us here!

  6. what beautiful girls, I can see why you miss them....

    Looking forward to seeing your projects :P No rush just hurry up ok? .... I have been lazy too.. I have no excuse but, for some reason I can come up with one at the drop of a hat :P

  7. Wow, what a story about the gypsys. Over here more gypsys are evangelical, but they don´t usually mix with ¨payos¨ (no gypsys)in the churches. They do have services everyday!

    Anyway, you know God will bless for your work in due season... I don´t have to tell you that :)
    Blessings to you

  8. Isn't it just like the devil.
    We will be praying for you all in the new work.
    And by the way, I feel like I am behind all the time with my blog. Oh yea, I am. LOL

  9. Hang in there despite the difficulties - you and your family are doing such terrific work in serving the Lord in Croatia. I didn't realize how bad it could be for newly saved Christians there. My goodness!

  10. Just wanted to stop by and say I was thinking about ya and miss your posts!

    Take care...

  11. As tempting as it might be at times, don't be weary in well doing. Sometimes reaching even just one can make a world of difference. On the other hand, sometimes it just takes a while for seeds to grow.

  12. That is so sad about the gypsies, but prayer can open doors, as you well know. Praying that God will open another door for them to be witnessed to and that they will be accepting to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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