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An Ode to Pam!

Okay so you know we live in Europe and most items that we were accustomed to in America we have learned to live without. Most, I said, not all. There are certain items that are irreplaceable, there are not substitutes for them. Pam non-stick cooking spray happens to be one of them. Actually I buy the Wal-mart brand butter flavor and it works just fine. Anyhow, a friend of mine who came to visit back in the Spring brought me a few cans and we ran dry back about a month ago so we have been in dire straits for some time and trying anything we can to fill the empty place Pam has left in our lives.

Anyhow, the other night out buying some groceries; I'm looking at the new maraschino cherries that have never been available until now as Johnny comes almost in a run from the other isle. Guess what he's holding.....okay, I'll tell you. Johnny is holding a can of Pam cooking spray. You have got to be kidding, I had to look twice before I believed it. Talk about a miracle, no way, could Pam have really moved to Croatia too???

So we head around the corner to start filling our basket, knowing that most new things in Croatia don't stay long so you better stock up while you can. Anyhow, as we start to fill our basket I noticed the price. EEEK!!! 83 kuna and 99 lipa! Okay I know that means nothing to you but 83 kuna is about $16 at the current exchange rate. Can you believe it, maybe you don't, but a can of Pam cooking spray in Croatia is $16!!!

Notice that the boxes are still full, that's because we put back all out glorious Pam. She's way too high maintenance for us.

It's kinda ironic, Pam is so close yet so far away. So if you have a Pam in your life; enjoy her, cherish her and praise the Lord everytime you buy her for less than 2 bucks!!!


  1. When I read your title I thought maybe this post was about me ;)

    I know how you feel, Tori... we are without PAM here as well. I've ordered one of those olive oil sprayers and I'm hoping that will work well enough, but I don't think it can ever replace good ol' PAM.

  2. Oh, Tori...that's even worse than not having Pam at all. To have here and not be able to afford her. What tragedy.

    Ok....some kind soul out there....send an extra $50 for this dear family next month so they can buy a few cans.

    I feel your pain....I had three cans sent to me at is done with...have two more that I cherish...use as little as possible and stretch it out...

  3. I buy "Baker's Joy" it's cheaper than Pam and it has flour in it! :) Sorry that Pam didn't work out. Maybe they will lower the price soon! We can hope.

  4. While we were living in Montana, we did with out a few "southern" items... Dukes mayo, Sunbeam bread, Sara Lee bread, Luzianne Tea and grits! - my mom would send us a box full of our favorites, so we could enjoy them.

    We are planning on stocking up on mayo and tea before we go back.

  5. I can understand this.... the joy of finding something is quickly replaced with reality! I remember one time finding yams in a can. I was going to buy it until I saw it was $8.00. The can stayed right on the shelf:).

    The Lord makes up for those little disappointments though. I'm so thankful fruits and vegetables are cheap here in Thailand ~ we never have an excuse to eat unhealthy!!!

  6. Sorry for your disappointment. I wish everyone here in the states would read all the missionary wives' blogs and see how good they have it here. - How spoiled that we are! We take so many little things for granted. I will think twice before I grumble about something petty the next time!

  7. I'm sorry that you couldn't get Pam. Here in Kentucky we don't have Pam in our lives either. I don't really know why, my mom just has never really bought it.

  8. And I thought Canadian prices were high! LOL

  9. That is really high for a can of pam! It is probably considered a luxury there and that is why its so high. But you would know better than I :)

    I'll see what I can do, to help out with the pam problem.

  10. Ok this post made me chuckle.. now, I do feel your pain, meaning, I can see how itwould have been awful to get your hopes up only to have them crash and burn but, the post itself is pretty ammusing! :D
    Is that a Sams ?

  11. I'm so sorry, I feel your pain!!!

  12. You know, since it is a new item, maybe they priced it high just to see how much people will fork out to get it. (They do that here.) They might lower the price, if you can just wait a while...

    Here's hoping!

  13. Hi there, I came to you by means of Portugal Bound. :) We too are Baptist Missionaries in Europe. Spain to be exact. It´s so good to meet you! I am sorry for your sacrifice and totally relate. Of course to other things cause I never really used Pam. I have really grown to love the taste of Olive oil which helps tramendously. :) Nothing beats the taste of Olive oil and garlic! ;) Well, in our house anyway. jeje.
    May I add you to my Missionary Friends on my blog? Hope you have a great day.

  14. Oh Tori, I'm sorry for your disappointment:(

  15. WOW that's crazy how much it costs there. I am even too cheap to buy Pam here ;) and usually buy the store brand :P. I couldn't imagine paying that much for it.

    Have a great week

  16. Hi Tori.
    If you'll send my your address, my daughter and I want to send you a few cans of non stick spray.
    What else is hard to find there?
    My email add. is
    Happy day to you,

  17. That is alful to have it right there and not able to get it.

  18. Oh, that is crazy how that happens overseas sometimes, isn't it?! I hope the price will be lowered soon, too!

    P.S. I was thinking, maybe I sent your Christmas card to your old address... I don't remember when you gave me your address, but maybe it was before you moved to your little yellow house? I'm so sad it didn't make it, though. Email me your current address, and I'll make sure to change it in my book! :o)

  19. How disappointing! I like your sense of humor though:)Cute post:)

  20. Loved this post! I agree...there are SPECIAL Pam's in life (smile) the one in Estonia is one of them!

    Cute post Tori!

  21. WOW!!!! SIXTEEN BUCKS! That is crazy wild. I'm sorry for the disappointment.


  22. I know this feeling. We found a few imports once and started loading the buggy before realizing what the dollar price worked out to. It was so ridiculous that we put it all back and tried to forget we'd seen it. :( I actually had two friends send me a special "offering" to buy the chocolate chip cookie dough, though, which my family thoroughly enjoyed. Very sweet. Hang in there, and God bless y'all.

  23. Hey! It sure has been a long time since I have stopped by. With moving from Northern Ireland to Arizona the packing and now unpacking (still!) and rejogging the memory... I have enjoyed catching up on all the news.

    I understand completly on putting back the Pam. In Nothern Ireland we had several items that were from the USA, but the price was ridiculous. I remember seeing American Peanut Butter!! It was Skippy (the only kind you can get in Northern Ireland). The price was dear, but not like the PAM price is. We bought it and oh the taste was wonderful. Yes, we have peanut butter in Northern Ireland, but nothing taste like the smooth, creamy peanut butter that we are spoiled to in the USA. I tried using Northern Ireland peanut butter in making fudge and it was a disaster, but anyway... we bought that jar and fudge was made. It was wonderful. Exactly how fudge should be.

    I will be praying for you and I see that someone is willing to send you some. Praise the Lord for that person.


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