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What's wrong with a little Bible anyhow?

This morning we headed out to Varaždin to pass out some John and Romans. Our goal is that every house in town will receive a John and Romans and 3 different Gospel tracts. Anyhow, we passed out a whole box this moring, Don't know how many that was but it was several hundred. Anyhow today when we got home, a man called Johnny and was irate. He was so angry that his house had received a J&R that he threatened to call the police and all sorts of not-so-nice stuff. Then he told my husband to come back to his house and take the J&R back, Johnny was like "What?". Anyhow after a heated conversation the phone call ended. How funny that this man was so angry for receiving a little piece of the Bible. I mean come on, he could have threw it out, but noooo, he had to call Johnny and gripe about it. Anyhow, I thought it was so funny. Funny because why didn't the man just throw it out? He would have saved himself a few cents and time if he would have just thrown the book away. Anyhow, I'm glad he called because it shows that Ol' Slew foot himself isn't so happy and that's kinda good. °Ü°



  1. Hi Tori.
    You have a well deserved award at my blog. Pick it up anytime.
    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Isn't it funny how so offended a person can get by even seeing God's Truth? I don't understand why they don't just throw it away like you said. Oh, well -- I'm glad you keep doing what you're doing! Satan's just upset because someone's probably going to read your tracts and get saved!!! :o)

  3. Too funny~Maybe he will just keep it and actually read it.

    Keep up the good work!

    Have a great weekend and services tomorrow.

  4. How exciting! Just goes to show that the Word of God is no ordinary book. It is quick (alive!), powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword...and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. No wonder people get offended!!


  5. We've done about 28,000 John/Romans here, either by hand or by mailing in to apartments where we couldn't get in. We got one back *in the mail* - this person paid to send it back to us! On it s/he had written a note stating that we were irresponsible and killing the environment by cutting down the trees to make the paper . . . blah, blah, blah. Of course, we're in the heart of environmentalism up here, so this was a serious offense! ;)

    I think it's funny when we're handing out tracts and the person stops, holds up both hands, and backs away. It's like we have a gun or offering them poison. One time I couldn't help it - I laughed right out and said, "Well, it won't hurt you; it's just a piece of paper!" LOL

    It is indeed amazing how powerful the Word of God is!

  6. My goodness such anger. Sometimes people are that way and it is usually the people who need the Bible and the Lord most.

  7. Well, that man can never stand before the Lord and claim he's never heard.

  8. Too funny! Like I said recently in one of my posts, the world is crazy! What kind of sense did that make except that the man obviously likes to make a scene and can't help but start an argument. Did Johnny go get it? The man has probably bragged to all he knows about how he put you guys in your place for putting the Word of God on his door.

  9. Sounds a lot like conviction to me!

    And yeah...that's kinda good. LOL



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