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Look what arrived in Croatia

Look what Johnny brought home from the post office the other day. My dear Canadian friend Dee sent me this care package and what a blessing it was. She has a sick sense of humor though, see what she sent me...100 Days of Wight Loss Book, and a Healthy Heart Walking Cd and then look what else she sent, Mike and Ike candies, Smarties and Charleston Chews!!! Okay now is that a mixture or what?
What a wonderful friend she is and this was a great blessing. The kids and Johnny and I finished off all the candy, counted the points of course and now we're enjoying all the healthy goodies she sent.
It's so nice to have friends like Dee, who go out of their way to be a blessing, and she is!

**Edited to say: I almost forgot the huge jar of Skippy peanut butter she sent, and the lower fat kind too. Yummy!



  1. How sweet!! That is truly a good friend to send you such things...and then to give you a way to exercise it all off after you eat it all...LOL!! I'm proud of you for counting your points!! Good job Sis!

  2. ha ha ha, I was about to comment on what a sick joke it was when I saw you posted about it..
    what a good friend.. it all looks YUMMY!

  3. I'm so glad that package finally arrived!! The tracing said it was still in Quebec at the border! (so much for tracing...) ...anyway, I know it was an odd grouping but the candy was hopefully a treat that you normally cannot buy and I did include some health(ier) things! It was mainly the book that I wanted to share with you. It has really helped me and I wasn't using the walking CD any more so I thought you might enjoy it! D


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