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Happy Monday!

I am in shock that January is almost half way finished. I am shocked at how fast the pages on the calendar are turning. The fact that we are in the year 2009 leaves me shocked, I would like to know what happened to the last 9 years, where did they go so fast?

Anyhoo, we had a good weekend, although our attendance was way down. We had half the usual attendance in Čakovec and in Varaždin we were down a lot. Sickness has struck out city. Half our church was out sick. We have ever thing from the stomach virus, flu, colds all the way to the chicken pox running rampant in our ranks. Hey those chicken pox really scare me, I have had them but Johnny and the kids have never had them, oh please Lord, not this year!

Oh wait, I almost forget, Monday is my WW weight-in day. I was so excited this morning to post the results for my first week back OP on my WW blog, Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Feel free to take a look, I made it to my first goal today!

Anyhow, today is Monday and I have a lot of cleaning to do. Bathrooms need to be cleaned and the whole house needs to be picked up. After the weekend comes and goes my house is like a disaster area, after all these years I haven't figured out how to keep it clean on the weekend. Anyhow, Mt. Washmore is calling me and I actually could use to get dressed.

Anyhow, today is the first day of a whole new week, let's make it a good one!


  1. Congratulations on making it to your goal! That's wonderful. The holidays killed my diet and finding the motivation to start back is taking me forever.

    We're having those sicknesses too, except for the chicken pox. I haven't heard of anyone having them around here. Hannah has had them three times! Yes, three! And poor Bruce...had them about 14 years ago and they put him DOWN! It was ruff, girl! I hope everyone flies under the radar there. lol

    Love ya

  2. I have never had chicken pox! I surely hope your kids and hubby don't get it! I wish you a great Monday, and a fabulous week! :)

  3. YAY for making it to your first goal!!!!!! thats always SO exciting!

  4. It does seem like the older you get the quicker time passes. I know, I can hardly believe we're into the middle of January.

  5. It is very crazy how the days fly by.

  6. have a great week

  7. We had the chicken pox in our house a few months ago. I took Justus to get his chicken pox vaccination, and he was one of the rare cases that actually got the chicken pox because of the vaccine! It was NOT fun!!!

    If you figure out the secret to keeping a house clean on the weekend be sure to send it my way. I just had that conversation with my hubby Sunday afternoon!

  8. Tori,
    I hope none of you get any of that stuff!
    Congratulations on your weight loss!!! I've boosted my exercise and hoping that it will help with mine.

  9.'ve got an award over at my place!

  10. CONGRATS! On making it to your first goal!!

    Still, and always in prayer for you all. I'll add your health to my list.

  11. Hello,
    Guess what state we drove through yesterday? TEXAS..... I thought of you and prayed right then. I don't get to read and stay up on your blog like I would like to. I never know when we are going to be some where that has internet access. Or if someone else needs to check their email and stuff. But I do think and pray for you often. Thank you so much for the times you have commented on my blog. I tell people all the time about this neat lady who is a missionary in Croatia.
    Looking forward to meeting you some day. Either here or in the air.

  12. You're right about the slow and steady winning the race. Congrats! As far as time speed by, it seems the older you get the faster it goes!


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