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Before and Afters

Well I know that I've been missing a long time but I have been busy. We are busy now with two works here in Croatia. We are still attending the first work on Sunday evenings and Wednesdays and then on Sunday mornings and Thursday we are at the new work. It's a little hard getting used too but it's great to stay so busy. We have soul-winning on Tuesdays and Thursdays and most Saturdays so there is little time after all the business to blog. Okay so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The other day I went out looking for skirts for Hannah, she's 11 and has totally grown out of all her skirts. It's so difficult to find skirts for her here in Croatia and the jean skirts on eBay are ridiculously priced. Anyhow, I found this skirt at a Chinese store and it's a ladies size small. I took it and revamped it a little to make it a size 10 girls long skirt, it turned out really good. It's amazing how easy it is to alter pieces, try it!

Oh yea and we have been working on the new building and the bathroom floor was in major need of a face lift, what do you think?? We did it ourselves and it turned out rather well.

You'll have to come to Croatia to see it up close, just let me know when you want to come and I'll schedule you. :0)

Sunday is Cowboy Day at the church in Cakovec. We have this every year as a big outreach to kids. It's sort of a 1 day massive vacation Bible school. We will have skits, preaching, food, horses and a clown (me). We are praying that lots of kids will come to know Jesus as their Saviour and maybe some parents too. Please pray that the weather stays good and that we are packed and the Holy Spirit meets with us.

Have a great weekend and Lord's Day!!


  1. That bathroom looks great! Hooray on the skirt makeover!

  2. Umm?? As I was typing something funny happened?? Any Way,,, Good Job on the floor and the skirt. Being busy for the Lord is the best kind of work.

  3. Thanks for the invite. The floor is beautiful!!!! :)

  4. You did great on the skirt and the floor! Let me know if you want the pattern numbers for some easy skirts.

  5. Cute skirt, Tori!

    And that bathroom floor looks ten times better!!

  6. Great befores and afters!!! Looks great :-)

    How did Cowboy Day go?

  7. Anonymous9:47 AM

    The floor looks *fantastic*!! Great job on the skirt too. (o:

    And you have a very valid reason for your absence--busy with the work of souls, the **most important** work in the world!


  8. Ill be there next week!!! :P

    Oh How I wish ...

    the floor looks GREAT and the shirt is nice too!!!!!!!
    Great job.. we have missed ya but understand~

  9. Y'all did a great job on the floor. Hope you take pics of Cowboy Day. I bet the children love it.


  10. You are busy doing the most important things...and praising the Lord for your willingness to do what the Lord has called your family to do, Tori...
    The skirt and floor looks great.


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