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57 States?

So are the delegates from those extra states GOP or the other major party?


  1. Okay, I am a Canadian and I know there are only 53! ;) (lol) I mean 50. Wouldn't you want the man who represents your country to know how many states there are?

  2. Oh funny Michelle!
    You know how funny I am, I didn't even think about how many Canadians there were that blog.
    Oh well after this, everyone will at least know how many states there are and will be very careful to never forget!

  3. This is a big joke around our house! My teenage girls were listing state capitals, and asked if they had to come up with seven more ;)
    On another note, isn't Sarah Palin awesome?!

  4. What??? I didn't pay attention in school, I missed some states!!!! LOL!!!!


    Even the LA Times got in on the act and now there's a pin designed with all 57 states included in the "patriotic lapel pin".

  6. wow that man never ceases to AMAZE me with his IGNORANCE... wow , wow , wow!!!!!

    and he keeps making fun of McCain because he doesnt know how many house he owns???? YET HE WANTS TO RUN OUR COUNTRY AND DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW MANY STATES THAT IS?????

  7. actually if you think about it.. he is saying that there are 60 states!!! he says that he has been to 57, has ONE left to go and that he cant go to alaska and Hawaii!!! thats a total of 60!! all this with an Ivy League education!

  8. That man is not worthy to be considered president of our great nation! Neihter is his wife worthy to be first lady, if the first time she was proud of her country was when her husband was made democratic nominee. Only when it profited her, was she proud of America!

    That makes me want to throw up!!

  9. By the way, I stole the button from your sidebar...that's how come they are the same! (Hope that's ok...)

  10. LOL!
    I'm sure all of his teachers and professors are groaning and shaking their heads right now!

  11. I can't even laugh at this guy anymore. He's just too sad.



  12. Anonymous7:58 PM

    That's funny. What a goofball!


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