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German Strolling Festiva

Today the family and I headed to Varazdin to the Spancirfest to pass out tractsSpancirfest is actually the name of a German strolling festival, at least I was told. The men passed out tracts I took in some of the sights. Here are a few photos from the festival. Make sure to click on the pictures for a larger view. Each of the costumes is historical for Croatia. Our town costumes (below) are the long back trench coats with the maroon underneath, very handsome.

Terri, this is for you!

Grgur Ninski was 10th century bishop that strongly opposed the Pope and official circles of the Church and introduced the Croatian language in the religious services after the Great Assembly in 926. Until that time, services were held only in Latin, not being understandable to the majority of the population. Not only that this was important for Croatian language and culture but it also made the religion stronger within the Croatian nation.

The sculpture of Grgur Ninski is so popular that you’ll find smaller versions of it in squares in Nin and Varazdin as well. None of them is as monumental and big in scale as the original from Split.

The bronze on Grgur’s toe is worn down since the local legend says it that you have to touch his toe each time you pass by if you want good luck and if you want your wishes to come true.

I took a video of the end of the welcoming ceremony and I was excited to get a close up of most of the costumes. Sorry for the little flippity-flop in the beginning, I forgot you can't do videos like photos.

Oh yea, no one was saved but over 1000 tracts were handed out. Pray that God will use this tracts and that at least one soul will be saved.


  1. That looks so cool, Tori! And 1000 tracts!! Yeah!!!

    Oh, who is GRGUR NINSKI and why is his toe all shiny?

  2. We'll be praying for the 1000 tracks and hope someone does get saved soon.

  3. What a colorful tour! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Those are great photos. Thanks for putting them on there for us. Those uniforms look neat!

  5. Very Interesting. Looks like fun. 1000 tracts...praise the Lord! We'll pray that God will give the increase!

    And to answer your question, yes, Major is scared of the street. He is scared of most things. As long as he's fetching a ball or catching a frisbee, he's fine. But if he 'thinks' about things, it scares him.

  6. Anonymous6:35 PM

    The costumes were really neat.

    1,000 tracts!!! Praise the Lord! (o:

  7. Very lovely costumes. Looks like a fun day.


  8. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Hi Tori,
    Praise for the hard work there. Even though you may have not seen any saved, the seeds were sown and someone will harvest down the track. Loved the costumes. so authentic.
    hugs Sandra nz

  9. Beautiful photos!!! I love the video also.


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