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Just a Little Rant

Well I'm so happy to report that 52 precious souls have been saved in the last 7 days, AMEN!!

I was a bit sad to see the response to the new blog with pictures of the folks who were saved. I know that people don't have tons of time to look at blogs, but these are souls were talking about and it seems that people should be more excited about hearing about a soul being turned from darkness to light, from Hell to Heaven and from a Christless life to a Son of God! We look at what is important to us and in these days and times souls being saved doesn't seem to make too many excited anymore.

Hey I'm excited, I'm shouting, AMEN, PRAISE GOD!!! One more person has been saved from eternity in a fiery hell. It's shouting ground!!

Okay so I ranted a bit, I know maybe I shouldn't have but I did and I think it was okay, even good. I know we're busy as wives, teachers, mothers and so on but our Biblical focus should be souls, if it's not them our priorities are all mixed up. We should be teaching our children to have a love for souls. When we hear of someone being born into the eternal family of God we should rejoice, as our children see us with a true excitement for souls saved they will soon learn that there's nothing more important than a souls being born again. Before long they will want to get in on all that excitement and will in turn become the soul-winners or warners that God wants them to be.

What would life be like for us now if someone hadn't cared about souls? Where would I be? I shutter to think about it. Like I said, I'm ranting a bit but I'm ranting at myself too. My heart has grown a bit cold and indifferent to the plight of the lost man, it's been so long since I was lost, I forgot how glorious it was to be found.

I hope you all know in which spirit I wrote this post, not angry whatsoever, but quite worried about the state of today's Christians.

To be a Christian is to be Christlike and in no better way can we be like Him than to love souls.

God's blessings on you all!!


  1. No need to are right! I really did mean to get over there sooner but I've been making a very quick trip through my blogs this week, as we've been working at church every day.I just took a quick look, and I'm headed back there now....thanks for the needed reminder of what is truly important!

  2. I didn't comment on the new blog, Tori, but I love it!!! I even shared with many of my friends! I am so excited to see God working!

  3. That's so exciting! I hadn't read about it on either blog until now... I've been on a "blog break" due to company, etc. Praise the Lord for that great news!

  4. I went over to the new blog. This is such wonderful news to hear about people being saved.

  5. Wow, how great is this! I did check it out just now. I haven't been on the blogs, our house sold and we have been busy, busy, busy. I did try to get on yesterday and Google wouldn't let me. :( but I am back now.

  6. That is so exciting!!!! Praise the Lord for these new souls!!!!! I always get chill bumps when I hear about even one person getting saved, but 52! I better go put on a sweater!


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