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Taking a Breather!

Well I thought that maybe I should sit down and take a breather for once. Life has been so crazy around here lately. Our guests starting arriving the end or April and Bro. Sam, our last guest, will be leaving this Thursday. We'll be sad to see him go for sure, but maybe life will get back to normal, oh wait we're missionaries, life is never normal!

I'm sure missing my husband a lot lately. He leaves at 10 am to go soul-winning and they finish up around 8:30 pm. That's a full day's work and worth every minute too. I will be glad when I have him back, won't be long.

It's been so killer hot here and with no A/C, it's very hard to get the motivation to do much more than what is necessary. I would love to do some fun sewing, but who has time. I need to hem several pair of pants for my son, record the graded papers (of which there are many), weed the flower bed, dig up around trees and shrubs and countless other tasks that are no where close to getting done this week, but praise God I have a family to do for and a home to take care of!

Oh I forgot to post these awesome pictures. We were on the way to the airport in Budapest so our friends could fly out and I was in awe of these yellow fields. Have you ever seen anything as lovely? Popular opinion says that these fragrant flowers are used to make some sort of cooking oil. I loved them and the smell was to die for. Thought you would enjoy those.

Oh yea another random photo, I took this one at the zoo, this tree is over 500 years old. I stood below it and looked up to take the picture, what an antique!
Oh i had to share this one too, KD wants to come in so bad, but she's a dog and dogs belong outside, at least at my house.

Here's a few random shots from around my yard. It's been so hot most of my poor flowers are suffering from heat exhaustion. :0)

Well that's all of the random shots, I wanted to tell you about an awesome book I got at the Half Priced Book store when I was in Texas.Decorative Storage is a great book with tons of easy, practical and cheap ideas.

Here are just two of the nifty ideas in this book. oh yea, and e-bay has used ones for as low are 1.98 WOW!
Anyhow I thought I would share that book with you, it's really great!

Life is still pretty busy. To date over 66 souls have been saved!! I'm so tickled and really in awe. Bro. Sam set a goal of telling at least 45 people and who would have though they they would reach more than 65 people. God is so good!!

Oh yea before I forget, the flowers at the top of this post were a gift from my ultra sweet Catholic neighbor, isn't she wonderful!

Have a great day y'all!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your garden with us. The flowers are beautiful. Living on the 2nd floor of an apartment building makes it difficult to plant your own garden, but it's nice to share in the beauty of someone else's. I think I am going to have to find the Decorative Storage book. It looks like it has a lot of neat ideas in it. Praise the Lord for the 66 souls saved so far. I am headed over to Get Over Yourself to check it out.

  2. Hello!
    The yellow flowers look like the Canola that we grow in Manitoba.(for canola oil) It's pretty, but people with allergies don't like it!

  3. The flowers in your yard are beautiful!!!

  4. It is wonderful that God has blessed the soulwinning efforts!

    We had canola fields here about a month ago. They are beautiful! I use canola oil to cook with.

    Your flowers are Heavenly!

    The decorating book looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are great ideas for storage--pretty kind!! I hope you get your hubby back excited about the number that is finding the LORD!!

  6. I loved this post, all aspects of it. The flowers are so very pretty. The poor little dog. That is how our beg at my house also. I don't believe dogs belong in the house either, at least in my house. We very much have that in common.

    It was so good to hear about all the souls that were saved. I am so glad that you all are missionaries. May God bless you in a special way for all that you give. connie from Texas


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