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Oh My Pepper!

Please go by and check out Carol Marine's Painting a Day! She has a demo now that is simply incredible. I'm in awe and oh so inspired!


  1. Tori, we are on furlough right now. We were expelled from the jungle by President Chavez and will be relocating to Paraguay in August.
    Also, I am NOT expecting! My grand baby is coming to visit!!!!

  2. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Awesome!!! :-)

  3. That was pretty inspiring! It sure looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Hi Tori,
    I left a comment on your old blog before I realized that you'd moved! LOL
    Anyway, I am a wee bit behind, but I wanted to say a great big thank you for coming by my blog recently and leaving such a sweet comment!
    I look forward to visiting with you, and I hope you'll drop by 'my place' again soon!
    Blessings for a wonderful day!
    Amy O.


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