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Things that are different are not the same!

Well since I was doing some thinking about the ridiculous cost of eggs I really took notice of prices today while at the grocery store. It's funny how the same things can cost so much different. One thing I never bought while in the states was Tide detergent. Really, you see I'm a cheap skate now but Tide was always way too expensive. Well guess what I buy in Croatia now, yep you got it, Tide detergent. It's the very same stuff but here it's the cheap stuff. The Croats won't hardly buy it because they don't know what it is. I buy it!!! I bought a 3 kilo or 7 lb. bag of Alpine Fresh Tide today for about $4. Now is that a steal or what?

On the other hand the cost of gas here is crazy. We pay about $6.50 a gallon for the liquid gold. Needless to say we don't take many long drives in the country. Luckily for us everything is very close together. I have to drive about 2 minutes to the nearest store and anything I need that can be found in Croatia is only 10 minutes from my house so that makes up for the high price for gas.

Sometimes it's hard to deal with the differences. Not really the differences between prices and so on but the differences in people and the way they think. In Croatia everyone is the same. No way in the world anyone would go against the grain or wear something that wasn't in style. They are so fearful of what their neighbors are thinking that the whole population looks exactly alike. I kinda miss the colorful folks of America. I have to be careful because every once in a while that pressure to conform bothers me. It's human nature, sinful, that makes us want the praise and attention of others. I'm so thankful that God made us in every color, shape and type. I love the awesome variety God chose for His creation. He sure is good!!

Don't have any idea what got me on that, subconscious meditations I guess.

Oh yea had a little time to sew today. Made Hannah a new pair of culottes, she needs a few new pair for spring. I love this pattern, it's flattering and so easy to make, took me about 45 minutes.
Tomorrow she's gonna make a pair, hopefully.*Ü*

Oh yea, I don't know if you have noticed or not but I have some new links in the side bar. Under Missionary wives you'll find well Missionary wives. They are all IFB missionaries and have really nice blogs. Please take time to check out the blogs of these choice servants of God.
Althea has been in Brazil for 10 years
Grace is going to Nepal
Nina just arrived in Portugal
Rhonda is a veteran missionary in Chili
Rita is in Venuzuela
Susan is a Texas gal in Canada
and Traci is my dear friend on deputation coming to Croatia to work as our partners
Please take the time to visit some of these ladies, God has blessed them with the call to the mission field and I have already gleaned much from them.
*If you know of anymore IFB missionary wives with blogs, I would love to have their links. TIA

Oh yea thought I would let you know that I'm back on the Weight Watchers Wagon. I'm am very proud to tell you that I am down 13 pounds for the last 4 weeks and very excited about it. I'm sure praying God will help me loose all this furlough fluff. Thanks for listening!

From Nicholas Z. Cardot
I hear a lot of economists talk about the devaluation of the United States Dollar compared to other currencies. Has this added to the complication of high prices? I mean does the currency exchange from your support mean that you now have less money and more expenses?

This was such a good question and I think it will help church members to understand why so many missionaries are having financial problems and having to raise more money. When we came to Croatia the dollar was 15¢ stronger than the Euro. Now after the devaluation of the dollar the dollar is 60¢ weaker than the Euro. We used to get $1.15 for every dollar now the same dollar is only worth 67¢ after the exchange.

The problem with this whole thing, is that when the dollar goes up against other currencies it's bad for you folks in the states, the economy slows down, when it's good for y'all, it's really bad for us. So who knows what to do. I'm just thankful my Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. No matter how much we get for each dollar it will always be enough because He's good.

Thanks Nicolas for the question. Check out his site, Baptist Muse, it's a good one.


  1. I hear a lot of economists talk about the devaluation of the United States Dollar compared to other currencies. Has this added to the complication of high prices? I mean does the currency exchange from your support mean that you now have less money and more expenses?

  2. Here in Canada, the value of the Canadian dollar is basically even with that of the US dollar. When we first came here, three years ago, we could buy a Canadian dollar for about 72 cents. Now it costs us 98 cents to over a dollar, which means we've lost about 1/3 of our spending power in three years - that's like losing supporting churches! Money is always tight (so what's new?!), but God always takes care of us, sometimes just in the nick of time!

    Thanks for all the links to other missionary wives' blogs. I sure enjoyed reading through a few of them, and hope to get back to them to read more. We're getting more IFB ladies blogging, which is very nice. I don't feel so alone in Blogland anymore! ;)

  3. Susan,
    I heard that the Canadian $ was now equal with the USAD. It's amazing how low the dollar is going. We check it often and if we have to make a big purchase we try to change our money when the $ is doing better. We used to get 8.5 kuna (croatian currency) for 1 dollar, now we only get 4.5. So that's a %40 loss. Oh well, like we said, He's owns it all anyhow!!

  4. I love those culottes! Where did you get your pattern?


  5. Hey Jessica,
    I got the pattern from but I dont' think she is on the web anymore, you may check. Otherwise they are just a simple box pleat pattern.

  6. Hey, I wanted to comment on your title. Have you ever heard Dr. Curtis Hutson preach "Things That Are Different Are Not The Same?" Good sermon!


  7. Hey Kristi,

    I have hear that sermon, really good!!
    I'm sure that's where the title came from.

  8. That covered letter is so cute - I will definitely check those out and see about doing one for each of my three grandchildren. Please encourage me with your WW ideas. I have been doing WW for about 17 weeks now and the first 10 weeks I lost 15 lbs. and I was SO excited, then the holidays came and the group I was meeting with took a break, I started back in January but I have been doing awful - I just can't seem to get motivated again. Any suggestions?


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