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One of the blessings to serving in Croatia are the people, not all the time but most. We are very blessed to be able to work with the Roma (Gypsy) people and some of our dear friends are Gypsy.

I got a surprise the other day form some of our Gypsy friends, Johnny came home with a huge bag of pork, an uncut slab of pig. So guess who got to weed through the stuff and figure out what was what and how to cut it.

Now you have to know me, I'm a city gal and not to keen about cutting up sides of pork but I'm pretty proud of myself today. This is what I got from the haul. 3 bags of pork cutlets, or I think they are, some ribs and a pretty big chunk of meat that I couldn't identify that I'm going to use for chopped barbecue.

I'm going to cook some of these cutlets later, I'll let you know how they are tomorrow. :-)
Okay now for some not-so-gross stuff. Spring has sprung really early in Croatia. Usually we can have snow until April many times. Since the first of the year we had not had any snow and I guess that has hastened Spring, but you won't see me complaining, I love Spring.

I went out and looked around the yard at some of the plants and bushes in the yard. I found lots of evidence of spring. This little rounded plant/bush, don't know what it is but I'm sure it's gonna have some nice flowers soon. If you know what this plant is, please leave a comment and let me know.
Oh yea and I think these are some sort of willows and they are blooming. Oh my isn't the little peak of yeller nice? Same as above, if you know what it is please leave a comment.
Finally my next one, is a pretty little tree and it looks like it's gonna have some nice big blooms. Okay what is it??

Oh yea, one more thing, I added some new links to the sidebar. I actually added a new list, Super Cool Tuts I love following tutorials online so I linked to some of my favorites.

Please go by and check out this totally neat link, 56 Free Apron Patterns and it's for real too. Very cool link and the site is cool too. Enjoy!!

Oh yea for those of you who don't enjoy Mondays.
Happy Monday!


  1. I agree with you Tori, the apron patterns page is a goldmine for goodies! ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing Tipnut with your friends :).

  2. Hey Tori, that first plant looks like a rhododendron. I use to have one at the last house I had. Plus, they grow wild in Oregon and are absolutely beautiful in the Spring - huge flowers :-) Enjoy all that yummy pork!!!


  3. I don't know about the top picture... but the middle looks like pussy-willow, and the last one looks like my red-tip photinia.

    Hope you are having a great day!

  4. Thanks Kate & Charity,

    I had no idea what they were, I'm glad someone did.
    I'm looking forward to some nice flowers, can't wait.

  5. Yes, when I was in Budapest in early January, it was in the mid-60's. Of course I was shocked, but happy to not have to bear the freezing cold snow. I am from Arizona, so 60 is cold enough for me =)

    Wish I could put in my 2 cents about the flowers. My dad owned a plant nursery for many years and could probably tell you in a second, but unfortunately, I didn't learn anything about the plants...

  6. You da woman, Tori! Cutting up all that pork!

    I don't know what any of the plants are. I thought the third one might be a hibiscus, but it's a tropical plant, so I don't know if it would be growing in Croatia's climate or not. Although I did nurse one back to health here for one season.

    And I LOVE Mondays!

  7. Hello!
    Thanks so much for the comments you left on my blog! :) Grace is my older sister. :)
    I think the middle picture is pussy-willow like already mentioned. :) I don't know about the other two though.

  8. spring has come to Texas also. It's really getting nice outside.

    I have no idea what the plants are, but they look really neat to me.

    You have a happy Monday too! :)

  9. You are so funny! :D I loved your pork story!! Looks like you did a great job!!

    Thank you for the free apron patterns link!!

    Sorry, but I have no idea what those plants are! At first I thought the first one might be some kind of rhododendron, but I'm not sure.

  10. It looks like spring has got good head start over there where you are. We're in the middle of a winter storm watch right now. I think we're supposed to get around eight inches of snow tonight and tomorrow, oh well...spring will get here eventually. Thanks a bunch for the apron pattern link, I can't wait to check it out.

  11. What a blessing to receive all that meat. Great job in cutting it up!
    LOL to the comic strip!
    And thank you for the link to the apron patterns. ;o)

    ~ Christina

  12. Dear Tori, Boy, you could have been a I know that was not an easy job. I hope all the meat is very good and that God blesses the one who gave it to you all.

    I love Spring also. It seemed like Spring just a few days ago but today it is cloudy and dripping again.

    I am no good at knowing what a plant is unless it is an ivy. I love the ivy in all forms.

    Hope you all have a wonderful week. I thank you so much for the prayers you have prayed for my husband. He is doing really well. love you and good eating. connie from Texas

  13. Hey Tori,
    I thought that the top plant looked like a Mountain Laural, but maybe rhododendron is the proper name. Their flower can be big and pink, purple or bluish in color.
    And the middle I think is a Pussy Willow as mentioned already.

    Have a great day!



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