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Hey y'all look what fun Hannah and I had today. We found these great MDF letters @ Wal-mart for $1.99 when we were in the states. They are about 10" and really light. We found some cute material in my stash and Hannah picked out all the details. We like how it turned out, it's going on her wall in her room.
I also have two more to do, a C and a J for my boys.

Anyhoo, next time your at Wally World, pick one up and just use what ever you have lying around the house.


  1. What a neat project, you are so creative!

  2. Ah, Tori,
    I picked up one of these for each of mine over Christmas, but never got to it... you've re-inspired me. Very cute!

  3. Those are great! I have been wanting to do those for my girls! FYI that price of eggs is horrible!! are you going to start to raise chickens? you could sell them and make a bundle ;)

  4. What a cute Idea...
    My friend did something similar for her daughters *she had the wooden letters* and she used the left over wall border from the nursery... it turned out really cute.. I would guess that scrap book paper would look nice too.. I love hte letters or names on the wall, but I was always curious what to do with a plain old letter... You are so creative.

  5. Thanks for posting about this. It sounds really neat. I am going to make some for my girls.

  6. Wow! That is so pretty! I love that idea!

    God bless!

  7. This is a really cute idea!
    You are very creative!! :)

  8. I also think it's really cute. A great frugal decorating idea.


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