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Little Projects

Well it seems like maybe I'm getting things straitened up around here. Wow, what a bummer to loose all my links and things. I know we're in cyberspace and the stuff doesn't actually exist but still.

While in the states I found this great book at the Half Priced Book Store, love the place! It shows how to use all the features of your machine and which foot is which. So I did some studying and figured out a lot. The only thing I didn't get while in the states was the ruffle foot, maybe I'll have a friend bring it. Anyhow after looking through this book I became motivated to try out some of the lesser used feet and so on. It was really fun.
Hannah and I decided to make her a little pouch, for no particular reason, it was fun and I'm so glad she's learning to sew. My goal for her isn't that she becomes a scholar or professor somewhere, I want her to be a good Godly wife that loves her husband and can keep and take care of her family. So sewing fits in there somewhere along with cooking and cleaning and etc.

Anyhoo, back to the pouch, here it is, Hannah's creation with some help from Mom. It really has no purpose but it was fun to make.

Here's Hannah with her little pouch, is she proud or what? Oh yea she that pink hoodie, yea we're Longhorn fans! Hook 'em Horns!!

Anyhow we managed to make one more little zipper bag for her curlers we made a few weeks ago. She really is very spoiled being the only girl and all. :0)

Oh yea and the inside of the bag, which was a bit difficult since I have never made a lined bag before. It didn't turn out too bad considering and since she and I are the only ones who will see it, it'll do!

Lastly and for a reason, we decided to make her a little cover for her tissues in her purse. Okay I know this is no big deal and all but you have to hear this. In the states the tissues come out of the little plastic wrapper from a slit in the middle, right? Well what I forgot to do was check out how our tissues are here and guess what, they are not the same. No kidding, they come out from the end and they aren't even folded right so we could cut a slit. So we have a cute little cover with nothing to go in it. Oh well it was practice anyways. :0) Just thought you would get a laugh out of that.


  1. What great projects..the sewing book looks like a real helpful type book, think that I would benefit from that one...

  2. aww look how proud she is. She did a GREAT job... she can always put her hair things in that little bag she made... it seems like it would be perfect for clips and poneytail holders!

  3. It looks like you all have been having too much fun:)I really should get out my sewing machine's been awhile.

  4. Wonderful work! Good job.

  5. ALL the bags look great!!! I bet ya'll can figure out something to put in the Kleenex keeper, eventually. :)

  6. I'll have to get that book... well, I need a sewing machine first, lol, but my husband promises we can get one in the near future. :)

    If you give me your address, I'll send ya some tissues! :~)


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