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Starting from Scratch!

Well that's about what I'm having to do, start from scratch. Well my last post was my 200th post and I wan't to change things up a little and go to a 3 column layout, which I managed with no problem. Well I saved my original layout thinking I could always fall back on that one, well... Widgets are a real pain. You can save your layout but not your widgets. I know this now and I guess I can count it as a lesson learned.

As you can see I have lost all my links, so if you were in my links before, please send me an e-mail at missionarywife2003 at yahoo dot com and I'll gladly add 'ya back.

Oh bother, sometimes things like this happen, guess it's live and learn.

Oh yea, Happy 201st post for me, what a way to celebrate.


  1. Hey, Tori,
    We're in the same boat! I decided to change my blog around for Valentines Day, and saw all widgets disappear too! :) Happy Re-Widgeting! :) Jeri Lynn

  2. I love changing up my blog for new looks, but I hate losing all of the links and things.

  3. Oh, ugh. What a bummer. That can be so aggravating.

    Saying a prayer that you can get it the way you want it soon. God bless!


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