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Oh I have to share this I found this neato sewing craft at Life with monkey. It's how to make hair curlers and really comfy ones too. So here's what I started with and scroll down to see the finished product.

This is what they look like when opened and buttoned

closed from the side

and finished product in my beautiful models hair
Thanks Hannah!
Edited to add the after picture. We rolled her hair dry and it turned out pretty nice. Looks pretty natural.

Head on over to Shawnee's blog, Life with monkey for a complete detailed tutorial.


  1. those are GREAT!!!!!! I should make some of those for my dd.... she HATES having sponge curlers in her hair!

  2. Hey, Came across your blog..the curler things seem very neat to make!! So your on the mission fields? i love hearing about missions, when people in the field come to speak at my church i get all into I will pray for your ministry!! Feel free to stop by my blog anytime. I love hearing from christian brothers and sisters in christ!! God bless

  3. These are so creative... think we'll have to make some. How did they curl?
    Jeri Lynn

  4. Jeri Lynn,
    They curled pretty well actually. We curled them on dry hair but we did it last night on wet hair, I'll let you know how that went.

    So glad you came by, I like folks that like missionaries!! :0)

    Kristi Jo,
    The curled better than the sponge rollers, they didn't leave indentions.

  5. Hey thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, was wondering if i could link your blog from mine..thanks

  6. WOW I just saw the edited pic.... what BEAUTIFUL hair and what BEAUTIFUL curls! I may need to make these for myself!


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