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Hey Y'all,
Well the house has turned back into a hospital ward. Our first month back has included over 10 trips to the Doctor's office and at least as many to the hospital. Between taking blood and Ekg's you would think we were in bad shape. Praise the Lord, He can heal! I am pretty much well now, after a month of sickness. Our oldest son's Pneumonia is totally gone and Johnny has recovered from surgery only to contact with flu. So, there is a marathon of Bonanza's going on in the living room and a counter full of meds and thermometers. Luckily the flu doesn't last for ever.

Oh yea and today it was 60° F today, so nice. The birds are singing and the wind is slightly blowing. What a glorious day. Have I told you that I can 't wait for spring. Our town here in Croatia has streets lined with Cherry trees and in a month or so, they will be lined with cotton candy colored bunches. When they finally fall it's like pink snow. Anyhoo God sure shows His mighty work in creation.

Oh yea and eggbelievable, okay this is gonna shock you, it did me. I was in the super market and as I looked at the eggs I couldn't believe my eyes, the cheapers eggs on the shelf with $4 for 10. Can you believe that?? And they were only the size of robin eggs, okay maybe a bit bigger but $4 for 10!!!

Oh yea I took at picture from the balcony today, aren't the mountains are incredible. I'm all taken lately with creation, Spring does that to me. The Swiss Alps come down into Croatia, well actually just the foot hills but we have soem big ones. I love them. Being from Texas and the DFW are especially being so flat, I love the hills.
Anways, have a great day and weekend. Take time to look around, God sure is good!!!


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I'm like you, Tori, I absolutely LOVE mountains :-) and Spring!!! What a beautiful depiction of the Christian's new life!!

    $4 for 10 eggs???? Oh my!!


  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Glad your starting to feel better!! Wow $4 for eggs, thats!! What a beautiful picture!! Hope you have a great weekend!! god bless

  3. Sorry you've all been sick, but I hope everyone is on the mend now.

    One of the things we love most here is the mountains. We only lived in TX for 14 years, but I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, and I missed the mountains. Wes loves the ocean, and here we are within minutes of both!

  4. Yes ladies, 10 eggs for $4. Hey I was even thinking of making an Angel food cake but I can't stand to throw out that many egg yolks, they're just too expensive.

    Ain't God good to bless you guys with both!!!

  5. If there was a way to send you eggs, I SO WOULD Tori.. thats INSANE!

    I am glad your family is on the mend,, we had influenza and then we ended up with the stomach flu.. FUN TIMES...


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