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Sledding in Texas in August!

This week we have been in west Texas and what a great place to discover hidden treasures. One of those treasures is Monahans Sandhills State Park. This place is now on my top five favorite places.

I used to think that sledding was one thing that we Texas weren't blessed with but I was wrong. Yesterday we took the kids to Monahans Sandhills State Park and we forged through the shin deep ultra-fine sand and went sledding. We made sure to wax the sleds really good first and then we started out.

The first thing we realized is that it is very difficult to walk in shoes in the sands so off came the shoes. The kids were so excited and so were we. I had to include this one just because I love my sweetie so much.
It took us a while to make it to the top of one of the dunes but after we made it the kids knew exactly what to do. Oh yea and the older kids too. One time was enough for us older ones, it was just too much work making it back up the side of that dune.

Okay I included this picture so you could see the size of this place. That little red X is my son and daughter. They were heading out to find bigger and steeper dunes, and they did.

Took this one just because. It was near the entrance to the state park and I like those windmills.

Daddy and Daughter, Kings of the dune.

Our son Cody was taking a rest before heading down, this is him before and below is the picture of him on his way up. :0)

We really had a wonderful time. The Sandhills at Monahans is a great place to see. Make sure you go in the morning. We headed out there at 9 am and it was perfect. The sand was so cool from the night air but as the day wore on the sand heated up pretty quick. On the LONG walk back to the van we were hot-footing it to say, it was pretty warm and we were looking for some shade to keep our footsies cool.
Monahans Sandhills State Park, a great place to see!!


  1. Ummmm, Monahans is in WEST Texas, not East Texas . . . .

    I went there with my youth group when I was in high school and had a wonderful time! It looks like ya'll did, too.

  2. Thanks Terri, I know where Monahans is, I just don't think my fingers did. :0)

  3. That looks like so much fun! I'm glad y'all found this new hot spot!


  4. Yea Kristi, we found a new HOT spot, for real. When it heated up that sand absorbed the heat. But in the morning it was delightful.

  5. Tori,
    That looks like so much fun (more for Ron and my kids though ;). I showed Ron the pictures and he said "I would love to try that"

    Praying for you as you continue your deputation.

  6. Well,now that looked like great fun. Where I am from in East Texas they have lots of sand but no real hills like you all had. Your feet can really get hot quick in the sand. Glad you all had such a good time. connie from Texas

  7. hi there, just dropping by, i have friend in texas, how i miss've got a wonderful time there..hope to visit Texas someday...blessings

  8. Oh, my goodness - what fun!

    I am blog-hopping, btw, and found yours! :)

  9. Our beloved late Aunt was fromTexas. Ibet in her younger days she might have tried that. you can find me at Daisy Bouquet.

  10. Hello from another IFB missionary wife. The sledding looks fun!

  11. hmmm we have some dunes here in Michigan....... that looks SO FUN!

  12. Looks like lots of fun. Kinda makes me wish we had sand hills here in GA! We don't do much sledding here. (NEVER enough snow for that) But the sand looks like my kind of sledding (since I don't like cold weather!!)


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