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Tipping Rant #2

Okay yes I know I just did a tipping rant a month and a half ago but I have more to say about this whole thing!!! This whole tipping thing is ridiculously out of hand. Really!!!
The other day we went to Golden Corral for dinner, you know the buffet place. Well after my delish Caesar salad I headed to check out the protein, well I was against when I see the man in the white hat cooking the steaks. Well it wasn't the white hat that was so outrageous, no it was the tipping bucket right out in front. A tipping bucket, come on!!! Are you kidding, we should tip the guy because................................??? Oh yea, he was doing his job!

You know it used to be that people were tipped when they went above and beyond their job to make their customers happy. Now we're suppose to tip them for doing their job???
GC isn't the only place that has me ranting lately, no.... fast food places are getting on board too. My family and I were at Whataburger the other day and as we sat eating our meal the man who had been sweeping the floor and bringing peoples orders to them, well he came to us and said, "I'm the crew leader and I make tips so don't forget me." I couldn't believe what I was hearing, this was Whataburger, where we refill our own drinks, throw our own trash away and you know, swerve ourselves. It took everything we had to sit there and be quiet. We just wanted to ask him what exactly he had done to deserve a tip. Needless to say, we rushed out hoping he didn't see us. As I'm blogging about this I realize he made us feel ashamed for not tipping him,
ashamed for what????

Oh yea and I know I mentioned this last time but I have to give an update of the absurdity or Sonic's tipping. We ordered 4 drinks the other day while traveling and the girl brought out our drinks, handed them to us and Johnny paid her. She then held the change, 60 cents in her hand and proceeded to ask Johnny if he wanted his change. Well duh, yea we wanted our change, why wouldn't we. Then we realized that she was not only waiting for a tip but was asking for one. What has the USA become? The quality of services is deteriorating and the desire to get something for nothing is growing but the strawberry slush!!!

Well I guess I'm finished ranting, well not really but I'm gonna give you folks a break for now. I'm contemplating what to do about this whole thing, maybe I'll boycott Sonic and Starbucks, Whataburger, Golden Corral, and Best Western but more than likely I wont. It'll continue and before long we'll be required to tip the dentist and check out lady at Walmart. Really it's gonna happen, just wait and remember I told you!!! :0)


  1. I really don't understand those "tipping buckets", I have noticed since your last post that they are popping up everywhere. I tip for lots of things, but come on the girl who rang me up at the gas station, that's just too much!! But there lies the tipping bucket!


  2. I am so rolling right now. That post was hilarious. I know you're right though. It's funny because I don't feel bad at all when I don't tip. If I don't think it's deserved, they don't get it. I don't tip at Sonic and I've been asked by the drive thru person if I wanted my change. I always tell them yes. As far as the man at Whataburger, I WOULD have asked what he had done to do to deserve a tip.

    I suppose one thing we could do is hound the home offices and let them know we don't appreciate being begged for tips. If we feel they deserve it, we'll tip them. But if we order something at a drive thru window or pay for a buffet meal, we shouldn't be expected to tip those who are preparing those meals and handing them to us.

    Go ahead and rant, Tori. RANT AWAY! LOL


  3. LOL...I love it. One of the many reasons I love is an insult to leave a tip! We are not to tip for anything :) And the customer service is outstanding! Not on base though...on base you have to tip if someone scoops your icecream or puts a dollop of whipped crm on your coffee same as the there a memo or something telling them to put out a tip can?

  4. I know one thing I am right up there on that soapbox with you about tipping. I really don't mind tipping when I have got good service and the food has been good, but all this other stuff. It used to embarress me but now, I just walk out holding my head up because I know it is them who need to be embarressed. That is my connie from Texas

  5. aaargh!!!..I am with you on this one...and the absuridty of it all....the nerve of some people...shame on them....let's go back to the old days...tip for esxceptional service ONLY..

  6. I agree with you. Everyone does want something for nothing. And they are NOT willing to work for the tip either.

    (But I will agree with Sis Kristi, I got a laugh from that post as well) Good post! :)


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