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Remember Me???

Wow has it been so long that you don't recognize me???? Have I really changed that much?? :0)
Yea, it has been that long. I'm thinking several weeks if not months. You know time just flies by when your having fun, or is it time is fun when your having flies, I forget!

Since my last post from the sand hills of Texas we have been almost in Mexico (Harlingen) and in New Mexico (Roswell, home of E.T.). We've seen Athens, Paris, Samaria and Trinidad (actually all Texas cities), it's a big state you know. :0)

Furlough is going great and we're so excited about it coming to a close soon. It's amazing how much we all miss Croatia and our dear church family.

You know what I really miss? I miss sitting in town sipping a cup of coffee and watching folks stroll down the center of town. Isn't that silly?? I love it and miss it lots. I miss Monday night date night at the local coffee house. When we come in the owner usually turns the radio to a station that has country music on it, I guess he thinks if we're American we like that kinda stuff. It's a nice gesture.

In two weeks we are headed to Croatia for a short 2 week trip. We are looking for a house. At the moment we're homeless here in the states and there. :0) We will also be showing another couple around for their survey trip. We're so excited that God is calling more people to Croatia. We've been there for 7 years along and I can't wait to have someone close, at least to spend the 4th and other holidays with. God is so good and He does things in His timing and it's always perfect.

Well I haven't had any time or place to be a homemaker lately but once I get back to Croatia the end of December I'll have a whole new empty house to make up so I'll be back to being a mom and wife in a semi-normal life then.

I think since we're in a hotel now and have high-speed I think I'll take some time to visit some of you!

Have a wonderful Hump-day!!!


  1. You can tell by your post that indeed you are CALLED to Croatia....WONDERFUL...
    Do you have a prayer card that you can send to me...I have email link on my blog.

  2. CUTE picture! : )

  3. Wow, Tori, furlough's been rough on you! LOL You could claim to be a world traveler with all those famous cities you've been to. Of course, you ARE a world traveler, having lived in Croatia! ;)

    I can't imagine taking a year and being away from our folks here. We're hoping to do our furlough in pieces, since we're in North America and can travel back and forth easily. I know you must miss your "family" over there!

  4. You know there's something you can do for that fuzz on your upper lip. Just kidding!
    What a blessing to be wrapping things up and eager to get back!

  5. They say that home is where the heart is and it's obvious that yours is in Croatia. I'll pray you find a house as soon as you get back there!

    I think it's sweet the way the coffee house man will turn the radio station. It made me giggle a little. ;)


  6. You haven't changed a bit! Heehee!

    The coffee shop dates sound fun. I might have to talk my hubby into a few of those.

    I'm glad furlough is going well for you. I'm sure you're anxious to get back to Croatia and get settled again.

    Have fun! Miss ya!


  7. Miss seeing you around, Tori! Praying that you find a house in Croatia!! It surely WILL be nice to have other Americans to fellowship with :-) God bless!!!

  8. Hey Tori! Nice to "see" you again! Are you making it over to TN before you head back to Croatia? Glad you have been having fun while working so hard on deputation and being away from what/where/who you love! God bless you and your family! Stop by our "place" sometime!

  9. Tori,
    "Looks" and sounds as if you all are having a great time here in the States.

    Our family is praying for your family as you finish up here and as you travel back to Croatia.

    Tell Hannah, that Madison said HI!~Thanks!

  10. When I was in Thailand, the taxi drivers would always turn on rock music for us... I guess they figured that

    American girl = rock music

    Not really:o)

  11. Well, you have changed a little. I know an Athens, Paris and Trinidad in Texas. Athens and Trinidad that I know is just south of Dallas and the Paris that I know is just North East of Dallas. Do we know the same ones. I am glad you all have got to be home for a time. I pray for you to have safty in your travels back to Croatia. connie from Texas

  12. I needed that chuckle today ;) Cute...I am glad that furlough has been kind to you :)

  13. I was just going through my old bookmarked blogs and saw yours and thought I'd stop by! Although I see it's been a month since you last posted, it was still good to get your update!

    Please stop by and say hi sometime! :)



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