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This is the way we do furlough....

This is the way we do furlough, do furlough, do furlough,
this is the way we do furlough, every single day.

Well I've not been a very good blogger have I, I'm ashamed! Time is flying by, we are in the beautiful state of Georgia and I mean it's really pretty, I had no idea Georgia was so green.

We've been to LA, MS, AL, TX, MI, IA, IN, OH, OK, KS and we still have SC, VA, FL, NM, and then finally back to Texas. I think I'm aging prematurly. We have been blessed to meet some really nice folks and we've been treated like royalty.

The longer we're here in the states the more I want to go home (Croatia). I miss my people and my kids especially. I really never thought it would become home to me but I'm pleasantly surprised that it finally has. I realized the other night that I miss it even more than I knew, I was dreaming of meeting Croatians and we were chatting and eating mlinci (a croatian noodle like stuff) and drinking stout black coffee.
I woke up with such a sad feeling that we weren't there. But all in God's timing, I know. I'll do my best to enjoy life right now where God has us.

I can't exactly talk about what I'm doing in my Home Away From Home since I don't really have one, we're living from motel room to prophets chamber so I'm not doing alot of house keeping. I did however have some time to sew a bit. I made my daughter some new culottes. I have the easiest box pleat culotte pattern from Quick Stitches and I made her 5 new pairs.

Anyhow, that's about the extent of my craftiness or house keeping, I can't wait to get back to my own four walls with my things around. Actually when we go back we'll be getting a different house which will be fun, I like the decorating possibilities.

Well there isn't much unusual going on with us, lots of meetings and traveling. Oh I have some pictures, maybe I'll post those later.

Have a great Tuesday night all!!!


  1. WHAT?? No NC?? Oh Boo Hoo. :( Well, maybe next time, aye?

    The coulottes are cute. Good job. I need to get started on some for my Hannah. She leaves for camp in two short weeks and I need to get her some sewn up QUICK-like!


  2. O.K., I want to know how close you are to me!!!

    PM me at VUH (hartt).
    Mrs. C

  3. So glad to see a new post.
    Continuing to pray for y'all while you're on furlough.
    If your visit in SC is near coastal NC, I'd love to know! I agree with Mrs. C... pm me at vuh.

    ~ Christina

  4. How much longer do you have till you go back to Croatia? I know how you feel living from mission house to hotel and no real home. I'm still not ready to do it again, and it's been 3 years!

  5. Hi Tori,
    Dropping in to day hi and find out your location in GA. Yes, I must agree with you. It is a beautiful state! ;o)
    I'd love to meet you face to face and we'll be in GA this weekend.


  6. Hi Tori!
    Great to see that you are stil alive and surviving furlough. We're headed that way in two months, and I for one am ready. I guess I'm one of the odd missionaries who actually likes furlough;)

  7. Good to hear all is well! It was just last year that I was longing for a place to put up my feet on deputation. It will be totally different next time, though, because my kids will be older.

  8. We have a lot in common. Ind. Baptist,KJV only,with no apologies. That is me also.

    I know it must be so hard traveling around all the time maybe it want be long before you will be home. May God bless and keep you all safe. connie from Texas


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