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Yes I'm Still Alive

I'm so thankful that people are praying for me and my family and they miss me when I don't post, I'm sooooo touched.

Well I'm still here, we're hot on the furlough trail and am I ever pooped!!! We have been in mission conference for 5 weeks strait. I'm talking in church Wednesday through Sunday night ever week for the last 5 weeks. Alot of those days we've even been in church during the day. Actually at the moment I'm blogging from Abilene, Texas and we just got back to the motel after a life changing service. My husband preached tonight and God took over and preached through him, it really changed my life, the roof was coming off that little church. We'll be here at Liberty Baptist until Sunday night and then we head back to the DFW area. I'm gonna enjoy the one week of just 3 meetings instead of 7. :0)

I can't believe that Easter is Sunday it doesn't seem possible. Where is this year going? My mom told me when I was a teenager and complaining about being bored that I should appreciate it because the older I get the faster time would fly, Okay MOM you were right, as usual. :0)

So I'm sitting here and thinking about the weather tomorrow, any of you who are familiar with Texas know that our weather runs a bit on the HOT side. Well you'll never guess the forecast for Easter Sunday, SNOW!!!
No I'm not kidding, snow. Can you believe it and they say it's actually gonna happen.

Well I'm off to the grind stone again, and actually it's not a burden at all, I'm priviledged that we can be a part of the mission conferences of these churches and I pray that we've been a blessing to all those we have met. They sure have been to me.

Since I last blogged, we have been to Suiox City, IA, Merengo OH, Dearborne Heights MI, Detroit MI, Flint MI, North Flushing MI and now we're back in Texas. Next week we'll be heading for the Texas gulf coast, so who knows when I'll be posting again, hopefully soon but if not you know where I am. :0)

God bless and thanks for the encouragement and prayers.


  1. Love the waving hand.

    Thanks for the update. I often wonder where you're at. LOL

    Sounds like a busy, yet blessed time you're having.

    Wow! Snow in Texas on Easter. Go figure! But you know...we've had some weird weather here in NC too. It's hard to believe that we'll be wearing our winter coats Easter morning. LOL


  2. Hey! It's good to see you're still alive! ;) I know **exactly** what you mean about missions conferences 5 weeks straight. I'll have to tell Wes you're at Liberty today. That is the church we attended when we lived in Abilene when he was in the Air Force. Went there for about 3 years, but under a different pastor. I'm so glad to hear of the good service there!

    Enjoy your snow. I understand there's more than a dusting around there. I lived in TX for 14 years and don't ever remember snow in April!

  3. I am glad to hear you are alive and well. I am glad the Lord is blessing so on your travels for the Lord.
    Where are you going on the coast of Texas?
    Yes, it was really cold on the coast of Texas, even this past weekend . We were promised snow and sleet that would melt before touching ground. We didn't see any but I was glad. My sister lives about 4 hours North of here and they had snow also. connie from Texas

  4. Good to hear you are doing well! I understand that feeling too-exhausted, but exhilarated. Hope you've gotten some rest in between now and then. I saw some pics of the snow in Texas, it's getting right cold (for us) in Mexico too. (Not snow cold though!)

  5. Well, hello from Venezuela. we start our furlough in July so I know what you are going through!

  6. Where do you get all your cute extras on your blog? Any help in your *spare* time would be appreciated! :+)


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