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Fossil Rim Wildlife Park

Well one of the perks of traveling is getting to see lots of stuff. While traveling down in Texas we got to take the kids to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, a drive through safari park. We had such a good time and the kids loved seeing all the animals. So I thought I would post some for you all to see, the ortriche is my favorite, he (or at least I think it was a he) didn't know he wasn't suppose to get into our car with us.
I took a picture of the family outside the office of the park, I sure do love 'em!!

Isn't she pretty???

Lunch at the park, those were good sandwiches.

I know you were waiting to see this invasive guy, isn't he cute in an ugly sorta way?

The Zebras weren't so friendly but I managed this picture.

This was my favorite, this giant of an animals was so gentle. That's my son Joshua, he was the only child who had enough guts to feel the Giraffe.

I just really love flora and this cactus was so pretty.

Rhino, he was behind bars, so that was nice.

Me and the kiddos, aren't the flowers pretty?

I thought this dear was so pretty and hungry.

The kids on one of the bridges at the park.


  1. Great photos!
    So glad to see y'all are enjoying some family time while you're here in the States.
    Praying for y'all ~

  2. Thanks Christina, we're having fun!


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