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Seeing the Island Krk

We had a wonderful time showing our friends the Brantleys around Croatia. We went to a wonderful little town on an island in the Adriatic Sea where the walk ways were super small and everything was Mediterranean, it was so picturesque. Here are some pics I took while we were showing them Croatia.

This is the back side of the walled fortress thinggy that butted up to the sea. It was lovely looking out onto the open sea. I took a photo over the wall of the fortress out toward the Adriatic, that's another island you see out there peaking in from the left. Pretty huh?

This was the other side of the walled fortress you seen in the previous picture. It was so cool to be in this 1500 year old island town. Most of the structures on the island were made from the white rock that lines the Adriatic coastline.
The little halls are lined with little coffee houses. They serve the strongest black coffee you could ever want, I order mine with milk. :0)

I loved this little hallway because of the bell you can see at the center of the picture. I think that was a little church like thing.

I was amazed how many little towns there were nestled into the mountains along the coastline.

This last one is Johnny and I with our oldest son Cody (14). See how I'm slowly becoming the shortest on in the family? Even my 11 year old is hitting a growth spurt and my 9 year old daughter is already wearing my socks!


  1. Tori, you have an amazing eye for photography. Do you scrapbook these pictures? I hope so. They would be so wonderful to look at on your display table when you come home!! :)


  2. What a beautiful country. As Kristi said you do have a wonderful eye for photography. I am praying for you and your family.

  3. Thanks gals, I love taking pictures and I love old places. It's pretty hard to take a bad picture of such a lovely place.

  4. What wonderful sites you are blessed to see while you are over there! I love looking at all of your photos.

    We're praying for y'all, especiallly as you prepare for furlough.

    ~ Christina
    HsKubes HomeSchool Haven

  5. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Just wanted to let you know, I tried moving my blog to a new address. It is now

    I tried to set it up so that it would automatically reroute people to the new site, but instead, it reverted the back to the archives from before I switched to Beta. Kinda strange, and a little frustrating! :) I'm just trying to let everyone know who I know has commented or linked in the past.

    Have a great day!


  6. What lovely pictures!!! What a beautiful land you live in!!

    Thanks for sharing. And yes, you are getting shorter than those around you :-) I am not longer getting there ... I have arrived ;-)

  7. What beautiful pictures! I never realized that it was so beautiful there! Thank you for sharing!


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