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Lack of Testosterone at Home

Testosterone Yep you read it right. All the testosterone has been depleted from our household. Johnny (wonderful husband), Cody and Joshua have all gone to Budapest to preach a Baptist history conference. Well actually only Johnny is preaching the conference the boys are going along to play with the missionary family's 13 kids. They are having a ball I have heard through YM.

So Hannah and I have been the soul recipients of the peace and quiet life has to offer when there are no little boys around to break through it. You know what, I hate peace and quiet. I am majorly missing the men in this family. They were due to be there through Monday evening but because they love us so much they are driving home Sunday night after the last meeting. Oh how nice it is to be loved.

We've had lots of fun though, just being girls. The past couple nights we have spent the evenings quietly enjoying the things we enjoy.

Hannah loves paper dolls so we found a treasure chest of them on the net. We found one page that is absolutely full of paper doll links. There are all kinds of choices too. Then we found a really good one, over at Simplicity and it's wonderful. Hannah has had so many hours of sitting and quietly enjoying the dolls that I was able to make two skirts for me and a new Bible bag for Hannah. So if you have little girls, check it out! :0)

Also while we played with the dolls and sewing a bit we listened to an audio book. Actually we have it downloaded and it was so nice to listen to. We listened to the Little Princess in two evenings and it was so nice. I've read the book and seen the movie but I like it better when someone else reads it, then I can do something else while I listen. Anyhoo, I wanted to pass on a link for some free audio book downloads. Scoot on over to and start enjoying.

Okay so I'm going to have my dear daughter take a picture of one of the skirts I made a couple days ago so I can post it here.

Oh yea back to the testosterone thing, they're coming home tomorrow and it will be none to soon for me. Although Hannah has been sleeping with me, it's just not the same and I can't wait for my dear one to be back in bed beside me where he belongs. :0)


  1. Thanks for the links - my girls would love the paper dolls.
    Hope hubby is home soon :)

    God bless,

  2. We are gonna do the paper dolls too. Thanks for the links!

  3. I'm glad your men are coming home...well, I just read this and it's Monday night so they should already be home. ANYWAY! I know it's good to have them back.

    My Hannah loves paper dolls too. Mom bought her the Thomas Jefferson Paper Dolls a couple of years ago. They're her favorite.


  4. Oh that special time for your men!!! You must be catching up from all your company - I've PM'd you and have not heard a peep from you :-)

  5. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Lovely blog.
    God bless you.

  6. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I've bookmarked the links for my two little treasures, they love dollies.

    Hope hubby and the boys are home safe.

  7. Thanks so much for the links and we miss you over at Living Sacrifice


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