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Seeing Croatia!

Last week we had the priviledge of showing around some dear missionary friends of ours. The Ingrams are missionries from our home church in Texas and serve the Lord in Romania. They came down and spent a few days resting and looking around Croatia with us, what a great time we had. Croatia is absolutely lovely. Here are a few pics from our trip.

I had to use this picture first, not that I'm proud of my best friend, well yea I am, he's my knight in shining armor and he's gets better every year. :0)

This was the prettiest little corner in the Palace of Diocletians in Split, Croatia. It was huge and this was only 100th of the size of the palace. What a sight!

Croatia's coast is totally clean. We were on the island national park of Kornati in the Adriatic. The water was like something out of a movie, you could see way down to the bottom it was so clear.

We took an hour and half boat trip to the islands. This is our Hannah getting to drive the boat. Actually the captain was selling those bandanas and was trying to get us to buy them. The funny thing is, he also had a plastic pipe that he gave her, she wouldn't take it but still. After Hannah was the captain we watched about 25 unsuspecting sailors get pulled into the captains room, he placed the bandana on their heads and the pipe in their mouths. Little did they know, by the time the last one had the pipe in his mouth it had been in about 20 other mouths before his. GROSS!!!

The boat ride came with complementary entertainment, well two guys singing actually. Really they don't look like much but they sang divinely. The sang Dalmatian love songs about Croatia. It was great. We talked with them for a long time.

We walked through the narrow streets of Diocletians palace and it was amazing. Want a wonderfully historical but lovely place to visit...Croatia! Oh yea those are my kiddos! :0)

This is the tower to the 2000 year old place of worship in Diocletians palace. I took this picture from an underground dungeon kinda place, it was awesome.

This is coastal town of Vodice, we stayed here in an apartment. We payed 50 Euros a night for 7 people, not bad huh??? The Apartment was brand new, it was really nice.

Me and my huney, married 15 years and still having way too much fun! :0) And yes I know that fluffy women shouldn't wear stripes!!!

We found a really nice place along the coast and looked for shells and critters. That's me in the black skirt with the sun glasses on my head. We found a hermit crab and I was showing how sweet the little things are.

Then we found a little sandy place and let the kids wade. Well it started as wading then it turned into swimming. Yes they were fully dresses except for shoes. They had a ball. I know your not suppose to swim in your clothes but oh well, it was great. They had to ride in the cargo part of the van on the way back to the apartment and they sang all the way.

Here's the last one from the trip, the sunset was just perfect too. We loved our time by the water. WOW what an incredible God we serve. He took the time to make every detail perfect in His creation. How blessed we are!!


  1. Beautiful pictures!!!! Especially that sunset one....:o)

    Thanks for sharing them! I love seeing pictures from other countries.

  2. Tori, thanks so much for sharing the pictures. They're beautiful!

  3. Those are awesome pictures, Tori. My first impression of the first coastal pic was "WOW!" You could clearly see the reflection of the clouds on the water. It was beautiful.

    I love the picture where they were playing in the water. The one of your son jumpin in is great. That looks like a lot of fun.

    And the pictures of your sites of Croatia were just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.


  4. Anonymous6:38 AM do live in a beautiful country. Thanks for the pictures. I think the picture of you and your sweetie is a great one. You look fine in the stripes. I wear them too!! As for the swimming....we always swim in our clothes. Why do people have to show off their nakedness to enjoy swimming. We did get a lot of looks when we went to Florida a few years back when we were in the water with our clothes on. But we went at a time when there were only old people there...they were fully dressed too...well in shorts and shirts. But the difference is...they weren't in the water dressed that way. We had a blast though!! And the water in the Gulf wasn't even close to being as clear as the water where y'all are at. How beautiful it has to be there!!!

  5. Oh Tori, the pics are wonderful! I've saved them to my computer to share! That "fluffy" woman looks GREAT!!! What are you talkin' about! Those stripes were quite lovely on you! :-)

  6. Hey Tori, you look great - I have one bone to pick though - your skirt is beige, not black!! Did I read it wrong??? :) Dawn

  7. Those are great pictures! I've missed you around the blogosphere! :)

  8. Great pictures, Tori! I enjoyed seeing your "home" country. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you the other day; we'll have to chat when you're home on furlough!

  9. Definitely looks like a lot of fun.

  10. Beautiful pictures Tori! I enjoyed hearing about your wonderful day!

  11. Anonymous1:01 AM

    What beautiful pictures!

  12. Hi Tori...
    I found your blog through Christian Women Online...
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    Our family traveled to Croatia almost 10 years ago and spent time showing up at a local park in Osejak drawing young people to us by playing softball...teaching them the game and then sharing the gospel with them.
    ....fluffy women shouldn't wear stripes ::grin:: cute expression
    I know that, but I do it anyway...
    I'm leaving a comment although I do not use my blogger account, I use typepad...but wanted to comment :)

  13. Beautiful pictures!!


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